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Up to now I've always gotten Heartgard and Nexgard from our vet.  I was just looking at Chewy and it is much cheaper than what I've been paying.  Is there any reason not to get those from Chewy?  I see that they need to contact my vet for a prescription however I would hope that my vet would be willing to provide one.  Thanks for any thoughts.

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Pet Flow has Fromm and they have the discount for autoship too. And they are a reliable company, DK has endorsed them in the past. 

Yes, but they're 10% more expensive than our local store. I really don't mind going to pick it up except when I go in the store I end up buying all sorts of other stuff that the dogs "really need." Going to buy dog food is a good excuse for the dogs to go on a field trip, and they love it. I'm not complaining, I just really want a job where the dogs can go to work with me!

You get that in retirement, lol. :) 


I order the HeartGuard Plus for Nala from  My vet had to give me a script which I mailed in.  Much more affordable and it is indeed HeartGuard.  Many vets send the script to chewy electronically, but mine had me mail in the just for the first time.  I also get Nala’a food from chewy and that waives the shipping fee for the HeartGuard.  We love Chewy here. My sister is now doing the same for her dog due to the price difference.

Christine & Nala

I encountered the same situation.  It was 73.00 cheaper from Chewy for Heartgard and Nexgard.  That to me is a lot of money.  I called the vet to see if I could return the product since I did not open it and they said I could.  However they did warn me that there was not a guarantee from the company if not purchased from the vet.  

I called Chewy and I called Heartgard directly and they both assured me that if purchased through Chewy and I have a receipt that the company will stand behind the product if my dog should become ill while being treated with their product.

Heartgard did tell me that was not always the case, they used to only cover it if it was purchased from a vet.  But now that so many people buy online they changed it. 

I would hope that as big as Chewy is, that their sourcing wouldn't be suspect. The problem with Amazon is that their marketplace sellers sometimes ship through Amazon and you never know where their stuff comes from. I sometimes order through myvetstoreonline when I'm too lazy to drive to the vet for one Bravecto, but it's the pharmacy my vet recommends, so I hope they're reliable.



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