I live in the Pacific Northwest and until reading here on DK, I have never really heard about heartworm.  Maybe it is not something that is seen much in my area.  I have never treated a dog for heartworm or heard of anyone I know treating for it.  Right now, Nellie's hair is so very long, I don't think a mosquito could get close to her skin to bite her and my family is never bitten by mosquitos so we don't notice if they are around (we just don't taste good to them). Is this something I need to worry about?  Also, I have never given worm medicine to my dogs, although Nellie got dewormed by the breeder before we got her.  My last dog, a chi-corgi mix got giardia once (presumably from a mud puddle since she was only walked on the road or beach) and she was treated once with antibiotics and then was fine.  She only got rabies shots after we rescued her and the vet never recommended any other treatments.

 Also, do you recommend Bordetella for grooming appointments ?  So far, I can't find a groomer that will take a doodle!  The one recommended to me plain didn't believe me when I told her Nellie will only be about 25 lbs.  She said, that's what the breeders always say and then the dogs end up being 90 lbs.! She said "We have to want to go to work, you know?" as in, grooming doodles makes them not want to go to work!!! So, sadly, Nellie has been to Petco twice and they didn't require Bordetella.  The first time when they told me it would be 4 hours, I freaked out a little bit and ended up picking her up before they did any trimming.  She only got ears, nails, bathed that time.  The second time, I bathed her first and then just took her for face, feet and fanny trim.  Now she needs it again and I really don't want to go to Petco, but can't find a groomer. 

Thanks for any input!  I appreciate everyone sharing your knowledge on DK.  I have learned so much! Here's some Nellie pics.  She did great on her first boat ride! 




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  • Bordatella vaccine is a good idea for any dog who goes to groomers, day care, etc. I am surprised your groomer didn't require it. It can be given intranasally; that's how my dogs have always gotten it, rather than as an injection. None of my dogs has ever had a reaction to the intranasal bordatella vaccine.

    Adult dogs do not generally get worm medicine. It's given to puppies a couple of times before they go home, and that's it, unless your dog actually gets worms, in which case they need to be treated. That's all pertaining to intestinal worms. 
    HW is different from intestinal worms. I know that in some areas out west, the vets don't automatically recommend HW preventatives, but in most of the country, it is an absolute MUST. Here's a map of the incidence rate of HW cases. As you can see, it's fairly light but not nonexistent in the Pacific NW. Whether or not you should give it is a decision that needs to be between you and your vet. I can tell you that ivermectin, which is the active ingredient in Heartguard, is very benign for most dogs and is actually what is often given to very young puppies to deworm them.

    Incidence Maps - American Heartworm Society
    Founded During The Heartworm Symposium Of 1974, The American Heartworm Society Aims to further scientific progress in the study of heartworm diseass,…
    • Thank you! I have an appointment for Nellie to get the Bordetella on Friday and I will ask the vet if she recommends Heartguard. Second question; we are signed up to start puppy boot camp this Saturday and Nellie will have just gotten the Bordetella the day before, so she won't be protected the first class.  Wonder if I should postpone to the next group of classes.  Darn, I wish the trainer would have posted the vaccination requirements.  I just emailed her to ask about Bordetella and it is required, but wasn't listed on her website. The classes are held at a doggy daycare facility. 

      Incidence Maps - American Heartworm Society
      Founded During The Heartworm Symposium Of 1974, The American Heartworm Society Aims to further scientific progress in the study of heartworm diseass,…
      • I can't really answer that; I think it's a question for your vet and the daycare. 

        Incidence Maps - American Heartworm Society
        Founded During The Heartworm Symposium Of 1974, The American Heartworm Society Aims to further scientific progress in the study of heartworm diseass,…
  • Where do you live?  If it’s the Seattle area, I can PM with groomer’s names.  BTW, everyone around here grooms doodles.

    • I am on Camano Island, about an hour north of Seattle. 

  • If there is a doodle facebook group that is local to you, ask them for groomer recommendations. My local doodle group is almost all groomer recommendations all the time, and the same 5 or 6 people are always recommended. One of the questions I asked when I was interviewing groomers was, do you like grooming doodles? I know not everyone does. And sadly, doodle owners have a reputation in the grooming world for letting their dogs get matted and expecting miracles. I'm not saying anyone here would ever do that, but I've seen the groomers talk about people who bring their dog in once a year and expect that long, shaggy, doodle coat. I think some breeders give people unrealistic expectations about the grooming requirements of these guys. Maggie can only go about 6 weeks between appointments, and that's with me doing my very best to keep her brushed between. And it's expensive, so I understand the temptation to try to stretch it out more, but at least I knew what I was getting into, some people don't. 

    I will say that I've never had a groomer ask for vaccination records. And I've been through several groomers. I keep mine up to date, but no one has ever actually asked.

    • The groomers I experienced always asks for vaccination records.  My daughter's apartment facility even asked for Koda's vaccination records before allowing her to be registered there.

  • I'm in Walla Walla and it's almost nonexistent here.  I looked on one site that listed 2 cases out of WW in 2012 and none since.

    • I’m curious if you give the heart worm medicine due to the rare case. We are in Carson, WA 

  • This website lists cases in various counties in WA:

    Canine Heartworm Cases in Washington State Almost Tripled Since 2012
    Our vet told us our dog needed a heartworm test because the disease is more prevalent in Washington. The data I found verifies her claim.
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