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Has any Doodle parent used the heartworm shot that is suppose to last for six months?All three of my Doodles spit the heartworm/flea meds out. Shea will eat a sock,but not a pill!!

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No I haven't. But Calla will eagerly chew the pill. With Luca I just push it down his throat. He's used to that we do it daily with Evening Primrose Oil, but Calla chews them now and will even when asked pick up one she's dropped. For her liver treats are a huge incentive.
Never heard of a shot....does it cover the other kind of worms as well?? Is it expensive?
Skeet uses it. He is a heart worm surviver and he does great ont it.

You may be referring to "ProHeart 6".  At one time it was removed from the market due to the number of adverse reactions.  It is back on the market and is supposed to give 6 months of protection.  It is a very risky choice.  No matter what the vet says DO NOT LET YOUR DOG GET THIS INJECTION.

There really are some very heavy duty adverse reactions to this drug. Plus, it should not be used in dogs with allergies, including food allergies, atopic dermatitis, and flea allergy dermatitis. Since Labs and Goldens are over-represented in the population of dogs affected by Atopy, this really doesn't sound like the best choice of preventative for most of us.

Sadie has been on it for a year and a half. I spoke with her vet about it--risks and all--and I feel OK giving it to her.

Thanks for the info everyone...I think we will be staying away from that shot. Although it may work for some I am concerned that it may not work for my Bentley.
Brinkley hates pills but he will eat the Heartgurard that's more like a treat. Have you tried that?
I currently give him trifexis and he does well on it and eats it with no problems and no reactions. It just happens to be very expensive and was looking for some alternatives. Heartguard and sentinel are on my list to look into.
Brinks wouldn't eat Trifexus and when I finally got it in him it gave him seizures! I've learned he needs his meds spread out :)

Haley thinks Heartguard is a special treat and come running when I start to open it!

Charlie used to be on Sentinel and he wouldn't take the pill without me hiding it in something. When my new vet (we moved) switched him to Heartguard (they don't use Sentinel) I took one look at that pill and thought, "Oh my, how am I ever going to get him to take that!" But I just break it into pieces and like the others have said, he eats it right up like it is a treat!



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