Hi all:  Joined a while back while waiting for my goldendoodle puppy but ended up adopting (foster fail) a poodle mix.  Earlier this year, my goldendoodle was born and will be home next week (eeek!).  Anyone care to guess what my Dyson is mixed with?  I've gotten everything from mini-goldendoodle to cavapoo to maltipoo.... I'm posting a pre and post grooming pic for comparison.  He is 13.8 lbs.  Other pic is my new baby.  He's an F1 goldendoodle and will be arriving in a week.4080705265?profile=RESIZE_710x4080683198?profile=RESIZE_710x4080684916?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • They are both adorable.

    • Thank you :)

  • What does Dyson weigh? Do you have a photo of him standing up, so we can get an idea of his size and proportions? 
    His ear set is the clue to his breed mix. He is definitely not a goldendoodle, as neither Goldens nor Poodles have ears that stick out like that. He may also be a Bichon mix as opposed to a Poodle mix. I think the only way to know is to do one of those DNA tests. Whatever he is, he's very cute. 

    • Thanks.  He's 13.8 lbs :)

  • His markings and body shape remind me of a Shih-tzu.  Size would be right too.  

  • Both are adorable. If you DNA him did let us know, he could even be pure poodle. Congrats on both. 

    • I'm really pretty sure he isn't pure Poodle. Nothing about him is close to the breed standard, except his coat.  

      • Def don't think he's pure poodle.  I might have to do the DNA test to find out :)


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