Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

I am a first time puppy Mum and have been doing a lot of Googling since getting Baxter, my 11 week old Goldendoodle.

That is how i came about this site, which has been very helpful so far and i think will continue to be in the future.

Below are a couple of pictures of Baxter. He is a a large size Goldendoodle, he loves the water, chicken and sleeping.

Alex :)




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  • Welcome!  He's adorable!  I especially like the one over your little girl's shoulder.  His personality really shows through.  

  • He is adorable!  He reminds me of my Picco as a pup but a lighter color.  Enjoy him, puppy days go fast!

  • Welcome to you and to Baxter! Doodlekisses is a great place to learn/share about doodles. There are many groups that you can join. For example, there are groups for grooming, nutrition, health/medical, types of doodles, puppy groups etc. Enjoy!
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