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Trilled to have found DK and have been devouring many discussions.  We live in Bellingham in the PNW and as of 4 weeks ago have a rescue adoption via CL.  Honey is now a 9 month old, 42 pound healthy female and looks to be a F1b golden doodle.  We got her from a well meaning young couple that were overwhelmed.  She was being raised in a 600sq foot apartment along with 2 small toddlers.  She was house and crate trained and accustomed to being brushed.  However, she had not really been exposed to the outdoors, other people nor other dogs; thus was a hot mess of fear, anxiety, enthusiasm and not knowing what to do.

Over the past 4 weeks we have been taking her out for walks 5-6 times a day, she enthusiastically wants to play with other dogs, meet people, has been to the beach 3 times getting her toes wet.  We've had her spaded, gave her first hair cut (it only took me 4 days lol), and has had a couple of baths.  OMG she is intelligent, in 5 minutes she learned to fetch, shake and carry in the newspaper.  She walks well on a gentle lead and comes when called.  But she is still working on her manners, e.g., no jumping, not barking at everything little thing...and still trying not to be soooo ferociously enthusiastic about meeting new dogs and people.  It only takes a few moments and she is then off playing with other dogs and seems to be your new best friend.  She is getting better but has a ways to go at walking along and ignoring people and other dogs on the sidewalk.  However, she is very good with toddlers and calmly sits and/or approaches them nose to nose (no licking, barking or jumping) and remains calm while they pet her.  She loves our cat and his cat food, brings him toys and try's to get him to play with her.  Honey has become used to hanging out in our small fenced back yard for about 15-20 minutes entertaining herself, has learned from the cat how to open the screen door to get in and out and has discovered counter surfing.  She has come along way in 4 weeks, we have had a private training session and will soon be doing puppy school. 

Our 3 kids are grown and launched, we dog sit for the neighbors and friends.  Our friend has a golden doodle that we have been sitting for years for periods from an overnight to 2 weeks at a time...who is very well mannered and goes to work with her mom 4 days a week.  In truth we have also been abit overwhelmed but are committed and things are improving.  She is a sweetie that has a lot of potential to become a proper PNW trophy dog...to which I've never and somewhat horrified by the thought of a trophy dog (having grown up in rural Midwest where a dog is a dog and has the run of the farm). 
Honey and Tim

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  • Welcome!  She's gorgeous!  It sounds like she has already come a long way. The overexuberance will slowly get better with training.  So many doodles love people, that it is hard for them to keep "4 on the floor".  By the age of 2 my Zoey was much better mannered.  It just took consistency!!! There's lots of good information here.  Good luck!!

  • WELCOME! You will find so much information here on DK, and very like minded doodle owners. I don't think we have any doodles as farm dogs, but I could be wrong, and I'm not sure exactly what a Trophy dog is, but this site will certainly introduce you to the world of indoors only, well maintained and healthy doodles! And actually if you're on here long enough, DK does give you a trophy, HDA Hopeless Doodle Addict Award!!!! 

  • Welcome!  Honey is truly adorable.  Thank you for adopting her.  We adopted a highly energetic doodle a few years ago and he's been such a joy to us - as well as a challenge on leash walking, greeting new dogs and overall overenthusiasm.  However, he has given us more love than any other dog we have ever had.  I wish you and Honey the best!  PS it takes 6 months for a dog to settle in, but it's a year before they truly know they are home forever.

  • I am little late but welcome!


  • 1 month update:  Honey is doing well and her manners have greatly improved.  Jumping and barking are reduced, she is very comfortable around us, walks great, has fetching, rolling over down, sits and lets toddlers pet her.  Her major challenge is ignoring other dogs and generally does ok on leash but off leash is a whole other manner.  Yesterday discovered "flick poles"...a giant cat toy for dogs, made one today and just tried it out...it works like a charm.  So she is quickly learning to ignore the toy unless given the command to get it and was able to practice her off-leash stay and come commands on our walk back home.

    • Congratulations on your progress. It only gets better.

    • 10 month update:  Honey was changed to Hazel...just got too confusing.  She has finally settled in, doing much better; still a bit skittish and but gaining more confidence.  Two months ago she started daycare twice a week and loves it.  She is sometimes ok off leash if there are no distractions...but certianly not trustworthy. Finally got around to posting a little vid.  Again thank you all for the great information and advice.



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