• Hi DonMarie -- not sure how useful this is but someone keeps emailing me from this website about their infographic on hiking with dogs.  I went to the site and it has this info: -- if it seems helpful, might be worth adding it to your group.

    Hiking With Dogs | How To Safely Hike With Your Dog?
    There are many things which you should take care of while hiking with dogs. You need proper planning along with training while hiking in the wild.
    • I have run across this before - Thanks!


  • I don't hike with my dogs but I'd love to lurk in the group.  I'll try to find it to join.

    • Lurking is encouraged!  If you go to "Groups", pick sort by "created date" for the quickest way to find it.

      • Thanks,  I was trying to figure out how I would possibly find it.  I really hate the new format.  If you have to search through all of the groups to find a specific one, it is not worth it  -- sadly.  You used to be able to key in on a group by name which makes sense.

        • I couldn't agree more.

          I think that you can use the main search box to find a group, but I'm not sure.


      • I tried this, but couldn't find it.  What is the name?  maybe I just overlooked.  

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