hello! Love this community and all of the cute pics and advice! We have a 11 week old F2b goldendoodle that is just a joy to have!

We are wondering what you think his adult coat will look like? He has furnishing but they seem to lay flatter than the rest of his fur and seem slower growing and not growing at all around his snout and tip of his chin. Do you think these will eventually come in and then fluff up? 
I have included a picture of his dad (curly) and mom (wavy, reddish). 
thanks for reading and your predictions! Can't wait to read them!



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  • Your pup definitely has furnishings. If you brushed them forward, they would be more prominent. 
    As far parents go, their coats and appearance have absolutely nothing to do with your puppy's coat, because there are shedding breeds on both sides. When one parent is a purebred Poodle, regardless of what the other parent may be, the puppies are guaranteed to have furnishings; this is important info for anyone with an F1 or an F1B whose dog does not have furnishings, because your dog's genetics are not what you were led to believe they are. That's simple irrefutable science. There is no such thing as a purebred Poodle who doesn't have 2 copies of the gene for furnishings, so that's all they can pass on. One copy means the pup will have furnishings, since the gene is homozygous dominant. 
    In the case of a pup like yours, there are Retrievers on both sides. The F1B parent has one Retriever grandparent, and the F1 parent has two Retriever grandparents. So depending on the spin of the roulette wheel, it is very possible for each of your pup's parents to have only one gene for furnishings and to not pass that gene along to any given pup. This is how you get open faced, unfurnished dogs from two "doodle-y" looking furnished parents. You see it a lot in F2s, F2Bs, and even higher generations. So you got lucky. 
    Back to your pup.It's a bit early to try to accurately predict his adult coat. He is definitely going to look "doodle-y". He appears to have a wavy-to-curly coat. As mentioned, he has plenty of furnishings. (This does not mean he is not going to shed, however. There are plenty of doodles with lots of furnishings and wavy coats who do shed, some quite heavily. Mine did.) 
    He is very cute. Enjoy him. 

    • Thank you for all the info and insight! 
      we are most definitely enjoying him and love him to pieces, could not believe we lived so long without him in our lives! 
      glad he will be doodle-ly. Before this page I had no idea that doodles could be open faced. So definitely some good education too.

      I will make sure to update on coat progress as it has been entertaining and amazing to see how much they change and grow!


      thanks for your response!

    • Hey Karen, I'm curious if you think the fur around his nose/ tip of chin will get longer like the rest of his furnishing? At this point it is a darker brown colour and is only a couple millimeters long. The rest of his furnishing are about 1.5 inches. In real life you can tell that his longer furnishing start mid snout vs right at nose.

      I guess just wondering if it will come in or stay a different type and length of hair then all the rest? 


      • It's hard to say. It looks to me like somebody did some trimming of his beard/face, maybe the breeder? And as  mentioned above, a good brushing forward and down (toward his nose and chin, not back towards his ears) would make a difference, too. The fur is usually shorter and thinner right above the nose on most furnished breeds. My labradoodle's furnishings kind of naturally parted down the middle of his muzzle above the nose, and were definitely shorter right above his nose, too.  

        • Yes it does look like it's been cut shorter. The difference is much more pronounced in person- it looks like his furnishing start further back. Time will tell if they fill in. I'm sure what's there mightthicken up and definitely lengthen so maybe it won't look as drastic at that point. 
          I have never come across a doodle with a similar about. So I appreciate your opinion. 
          Either way he is a special guy. Can't wait to watch him grow and keep building our relationship. 

        • I did try combing them forward, which you are right, it does give him a more traditional doodle look but soon they are back laying flatter and towards his ear from laying, scratching, playing etc.

          I'll attach a picture after he is flooffed and you can see there is a distinct line. (from an aerial view he looks like a sweet little possum lol)



          • I think it will all grow in. :)

            • Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind and quick responses! :) have a great day!!

  • He's adorable and will continue to develop the traditional doodle look, including furnishings. As for shedding- unknown. 
    My F1B goldendoodle has only one gene for furnishings so she is furnished but her puppies could get the 'wrong' gene and depending on who the dad was, could have unfurnished puppies. 

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