• When we brought our AnnaBelle home our Lucy hated her.  And I'm not using that term loosly ... she wouldn't even be in the same room.  She didn't want her near her toys or me.  If the puppy came close to her she would growl or lunge and bark at her.  I had to play referee for a couple of months.  I had a small ex pen that I sat up in the family room that I would put Annabelle in if I couldn't have my eyes on her all her time and control of Lucy.  I kept toys separated and they only got them when I could be there.  I sat with them when they were eating or put AB in her pen.  It was always better outside than it was inside.  Lucy would tolerate her more outside ... she didn't love her, but she tolerated her a little more.  Basically your are just going to have to be very careful while they get used to each other.  AB was crated at night in our room in the beginning and then moved to the same room as Lucy.  Today, they are best buds.

    • Yes it is better outside than in. Thank you! I hope it gets better, its only the second day
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