My 9 week old puppy has shown aggression twice towards another puppy. The first time there was nothing around to be aggressive about and the second time was a friend brought over their puppy to our house. Im not sure how to proceed

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  • Can you describe what you mean by aggression? It is normal for young puppies to growl, bite, and rough and tumble, and it rare for a puppy of this age to actually be showing aggression. If you can tell us a bit more about his behaviour it will allow us to help / direct you better.

    Are you signed up for puppy classes? I would do this as soon as possible, it will be good for him to be around other puppies an do it can help you to have other puppy owners to talk to, along with the trainer, about his behaviour.
    • Its not normal puppy play. He will start to snarl and.get up on his hind legs and so.will the other dog cause he feels threatened. He has been going to puppy classes but otherwise is fine there.
  • Your puppy is still very young and has to get used to his new household, new family and new environment.  I think it's way too early to be bringing a visiting puppy to "his" new territory. He was probably overwhelmed and showed it in the only way he knows how.  If you know your friends puppy has had all of his shots and you want the two to get together I would recommend getting together in a neutral spot and monitor them slowly.  If your puppy seems overwhelmed again, just remove his from the situation until he is more secure.  Until your puppy has had all of his shots, it's usually advisable to make sure that he doesn't come in contact with other dogs (unless you know for sure that they have had all of their shots).  If you haven't already, join the puppy madness group - it's great when your puppy is that young!

  • You would swear my doodles are killing each other when they play--people visiting have become alarmed! They are just having fun--lots of snarling and carrying on--and I have seen many pups act the same way--

    That said, when I raise a litter, this happens occasionally--- I will have one that gets a bit carried away and will get too aggressive--this is at the age of 7-8 weeks. I will take him by the scruff of the neck (GENTLY!!) and give him a TINY tug and tell him to calm down--it is similar to what a momma dog would do--works every time and teaches them to limit their aggressiveness. 

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