Andie is now days short of 7 months.  He has mostly been a calm puppy.  The problem is that the only times he want to play are immediately after meals.  He gets very insistent about fetch or tug. (Both inside).  I know this is a no-no due to the risk of bloat.  We can't interest him in play at other times.  He just won't do it.  I need help in what to do to calm him when he wants to play after eating.

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  • Hi Anne -- I'm not the bloat expert at all, but I think puppies are fairly low risk.  So I have not tried to contain Milo much after eating.  He's turning one soon and I may be more careful.  My thinking is that if I give him plenty of exercise away from meal time and he's pottied before, he can chill in his crate after.  Or leash him up and go do something quiet yourself.  The "Sit on the Dog" exercise is great for that:

    The Sit on the Dog Exercise • Canine Life Skills
    The Sit on the Dog exercise is the best dog training lesson you can do at home to improve your bond and create a calmer dog.
  • I was thinking along the same lines with doing a couple of training exercises after dinner, things that don't require vigorous movements. Like a timed sit-stay or down-stay, or practicing indoor recall. 

  • Our dogs have gotten used to the idea that after meal time is rest time, Toby is always tethered, in his crate or in DH's closed office space after meals.  Sometimes I use that time to do a little grooming or training. Riley doesn't initiate play after eating and just goes to have a nap because she knows the routine.  We did the same thing with her when she was a puppy as we are doing with Toby.  No vigorous play/exercise until at least an hour after eating. 

    Dogs are very routine oriented if you keep at it teaching him that after meals come rest he will probably eventually come around.  Agreed with Adina though that puppies are pretty low risk, if you want to be safer about it tug is likely safer than fetch I would think since it has less movement and aerobic activity.

    • But tug can involve a lot of air gulping, so probably best to avoid it. :)

      • Oh? I guess so. :)  Safest is to get them to chill, but puppies have no chill lol.  They do get used to it though, Toby just lies down and takes a nap after eating.

  • Thanks to all for your suggestions.  The sit on the dog exercise sounds interesting.  We will try to do it although it will probably be harder for Otis and me than for Andie. lol. Crate is not an option as it is upstairs in the bedroom; however, I can put Andie in the hallway and close the gate.   He just lays at the gate and watches us.  I do this when he tries to help me cook.

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