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Hello!!! How do we change our email address so we can get updates especially the holiday cards exchange & Doodle kisses calendar entries? I changed job so all emails are now going to that old address. I had tried to REOPEN an account with a new email, but it is under pending! Thank you for any help possible!!!!!

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It's very easy. :)
Go to your page. Go to Settings. (That's in the upper right area of my page, probably the same on yours.) 

You'll see your current settings, and right below your profile photo, it will say Profile and the first item is your email address. Click where it says "Change" and type in your new email. be sure to scroll down and click on "Save". And that's it.

To change or check your email notifications, click email and adjust as desired. :)

I finally changed it! But it is weird in a way that it shows my old work email until I click into the email field. I hope I will start getting email notifications soon to validate that it is indeed changed! Thank you so much!!!!!

Did you "save" the changes? Did you get an email notification of my response here to your discussion?

On my profile I have to scroll to the bottom of the page to save any changes. Did you do that?

I saved the changes and did NOT get a notification via your reply now so I think it is still not changed! I say so because see the attached 2 images. 1st one is how it looks, 2nd one is when you click into it. The BLANK field stays blank no matter how many times I add my gmail address and save. Then all it would happen is for me to get an auto email asking me to CONFIRM my changed email . After I confirm each time.... it stays same. I have no idea why this is happening.. I wonder if it takes certain amount of time for the change to sync? 


I wonder if maybe it does take time. 

Maybe send Adina a message asking her if she can check on this.
Just click "Report an Issue" on the right side of the orange bar at the bottom of the page. 

Let me know if this doesn't get resolved over the weekend.

So I just approved a big group of people. If your new acct is approved, please choose one to delete.

Hello! I see our new request for an account has been approved. This existing account still cannot change email address, it seems

Any update?



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