Hi friends, 

My sweet 12 year golden doodle Holly has started falling a ton. We have mostly hard floors, and she looks as if she is walking on ice. Getting up from standing is the worst. The vet ha s diagnosed her with some neuropathy in her back legs and hips so I think that is the stem of it, but how do I help her? Are there special doggy grippy socks? Any advice is welcome, it's so hard to watch. 9604860677?profile=RESIZE_710x

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    • Yes, Jack received acupuncture treatments once a month, and also he got cold laser treatments every other week, which really seemed to help. 

      • I just feel so bad for her. It seems painful and scary for her. She still has the heart and spirit of a 1 year old puppy ❤️.

    • Thank you! I was hoping for personal experiences with specific products.

  • Our Roadie is in the same situation. He is 12 now and doing well, but he had a spinal injury at 8 yrs that was paralyzing his hind legs. He had surgery and recovered use of his legs, but they are weak. He can't walk on hardwood floors and could not get up without assistance. We tried a lot of different things, but ended up with the rubberized socks that have been posted here. We use RC Pet socks and they work perfectly. They do wear out, especially if used outdoors, but are not expensive to replace.


    I hope this helps Holly enjoy these days.

  • I haven't commented in over 10 years.  Our Goldendoodle Thomas just turned 13.  He still walks for miles every day and eats well. We just changed our hardwood throughout our house and is having trouble slipping when he tries to get up.  The wood floor has a very matte finish so I thought it would be easier for him. But it seems more slippery for him.  I bought some really attractive runner carpets at Home Sense (Canada) for the kitchen near his food and water bowl and put other area carpets at the bottom and each side of our bed.  Helped a LOT!   Dogs really don't like hardwood.  


  • I'm wondering if you have tried cold laser therapy. My 9 year old doodle who still ran like the wind until he hurt himself has been diagnosed with bilateral tendinopothy.  I was a huge skeptic but it really has made a difference. He tears into his appointment and is reluctant to leave.


    Good luck. It is awful to have our babies hurting.

    • Cold laser therapy made a huge difference for Jackdoodle, too. 

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