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I had 2 sticks of butter out on the counter, they needed to be at room temp. for baking. I went to the grocery store and came back and one is missing!!!!  No mess, no paper anywhere, just a doodle looking at me.. I know she will get the runs but can butter hurt her other then giving her a upset belly?  Should I take her to the vets? Or let it run its course?  Thanks!

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I would try some hydrogen peroxide so maybe she'll vomit it up. Otherwise I guess I'd let it run it's couse. don't think the vet would do anything you can't.
Thanks, I am going to give her some of her kibble with pumpkin and I think she might be crated for awhile. Thanks for your help.
My foster dog Bixby did this same thing! Ate two sticks of butter and didn't leave a scrap of paper or a buttery smear anywhere! He shocked me by being totally fine...stool was a little looser than his norm but not the bowel armengeddon I was expecting!
I think high fat can lead to pancreatitis. It depends on her size and I think, familiarity, with high fat foods. Here is a link:
And a list of symptoms:
Symptoms of acute pancreatitis may range from mild to very severe. The symptoms are similar to those of other diseases and may include a very painful abdomen, abdominal distention, lack of appetite, depression, dehydration, a 'hunched up' posture, vomiting, and perhaps diarrhea. Fever often accompanies these symptoms.

Porter once ate 1 stick and nothing, not even gas or loose stools happened. I'd call the vet and get a phone opinion at least though. My vet tells me things like, "That many raisins for that size dog should be fine..." or not.
I agree completely with Melissa. Pancreatitis would be the big fear for me. Not much you can do except watch her and you if you see anything out of the ordinary with her behavior, mood, eating habits, etc. contact the vet. And very important: If she doesn't want to eat, do not try to tempt her.
We just went through pancreatitis with Guinness, and it was very obvious that he was quite ill. He stopped eating completely and just wanted to sleep or be in my lap for a day. You really can't miss the symptoms. I'd bet she'll be just fine. If she was a mini or if she had a sensitive stomach I would definitely worry, but since she's a big healthy girl, I don't think there's any problem. She may feel a little "yucky" for a while though.
This is a good site for quick veterinary questions, BTW. they charged me $9, I think, but that was at least a year ago.
Chip has eaten his fair share of butter in his life. I doubt 1 stick of butter will do much harm at all. She should be fine.
My lab loves butter and has ate more than one tub off the ill effects....but my labs have iron stomachs! When we go shopping we joke that Tater needs butter!!!
She ate some of her kibble with pumpkin. She still seems ok, she is up and playing but did not go to the potty yet. I will keep an eye on her tonight and update tomorrow. Thanks everyone!
I think everyone else's advice is spot Seamus LOVES butter....whenever I bake he always goes into the garbage to steal the wrappers! What is it about butter??!!
Kathy... my worry would be for pancreatitis too (of course I worry about EVERYTHING, though) BUT... if she does have symptoms... you'll know it! Tori started one day with vomiting only once on a Friday, then seemed fine, but lethargic... the next day same thing. Of course it was a saturday after the vet closed... by sunday she vomited and it had blood streaked in it.. then we took her and she was admitted. The biggest thing however, was her lack of energy that should have given me the first inkling. But she ate boneless pork strips fat and all from the Chinese restaurant. I think the pumpkin will be a great help! Good luck! Hope all will continue to be well!



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