Help locating adult labradoodle

Hi all, I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago with a painful disease. I finally found a medical procedure that was helping. On May 9th the anesthesiologist made an error in meds and I woke up during the procedure. I have not only been in horrible pain but am also being treated for PTSD. I had no idea how much my black lab comforted me until September 3rd when my entire family was gathered around when he crossed over the rainbow bridge. I have been searching for an adult labradoodle for what seems like years but in reality has been 2 weeks. I have called, emailed and messaged countless places. Please, does anyone know where I can find an adult (or young) labradoodle? Breeder? Rescue? Shelter?
I would love to have a puppy but if I am honest, it wouldn't be fair to the puppy.
Charlie would get me to go for walks, play in the yard and be by my side.
I truly appreciate any info. TY

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  • I am so sorry!  I have a chronic pain also but am loving having got a puppy in January after Roo crossed the rainbow bridge.  I was very nervous about  being up to it, but she has been great for me.  I am mobile and steady on my feet though.

    The best way to find an older dog is on Petfinder.  Just google Petfinder and fill in appropriately. They will actually send you emails about dogs that fit the criteria you filled out.  Good Luck!


    • Look for poodles, poodle mixes as the type of dog.

      • TY, it's been a long road.
  • Sent you a message.

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