Help me pick a puppy!

Hello. I'm new to doodlekisses. I am trying to decide which mini goldendoodle puppy to bring home in December. I understand temperature is the most important aspect, but I do want a fluffy pup! I'm trying to choose between an apricot with a smoother coat or a sable with a curlier coat. They are both incredibly sweet. I am just unsure about the apricot's possible flat coat and the sable's unpredictable coloring! Pups are F2 and just 4 weeks so that makes it trickier. 
I will include pictures below :) Thanks! 

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  • Both puppies have furnishings and both will be "fluffy". The brown one is definitely curlier. I'm not sure what the concern is with "unpredictable coloring", as that really has no effect on either coat or personality, and every color can fade. The apricot puppy's color can also change considerably.  I would go with temperament above anything else, which is going to be a hard thing to do at this age. 

    • I think the sable one is probably going to fade quite significantly, that seems to happen with sable puppies.  I guess some people are just concerned that their adult dog doesn't look like the puppy they picked out... but to me that's part of the joy of having puppies.  It's fascinating to watch them grow and change.. kids too!

      • Apricots fade significantly, too. :) 

        • ... unless you're Luna and you get darker lol.  Her coat was basically 100% retriever-like though.

          What I meant is that they seem to fade more relative to their initial colour... like I would fully expect a dark sable puppy to be a reddish medium brown in the face and maybe paws by the time they are an adult.

        • I guess it depends on breed. I'm not real familiar with Golden Retriever color genetics. I do know that most apricot Poodles fade, and the poorly bred ones can fade to a color that is almost cream. And we know that doodle breeders are not using the best genetic specimens of Poodles, lol. If you look at some of the doodles in the Apricot and Red group, and compare puppy pictures to adult pictures, you will see quite a difference in most. 

          • A lot of golden retriever puppies seem to darken into adulthood then they gray pretty quickly as they head into senior years.  By the time Luna passed away almost her whole face had gone white, same with one of her friends a purebred Golden who was about the same age as her.

            • Maybe it is the apricot labradoodles that fade more than the apricot goldendoodles. That makes sense. 

    • Thanks! I guess what I meant by that is, it seems Sables have more drastic color changes :) I have tried to find pictures of pups with his same coloring and it seems like they can fade to tan with black point or darken to black! 

      They both have great personality so I'm just struggling to decide. Narrowing it down by coat and color now. It does make it easier knowing that little apricot boy looks like he will "doodle out." These are a good friend's litter so I have gotten to spend time with them since day one and love them all. It breaks my heart a little to have to choose one! Maybe I need both ;)

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