Nala is almost 6 years old and this is a first for her.  She stepped in pine sap, one of her back paws.  Poor were stuck in between her pads.  We used warm water and worked out the rocks, grass...we cut out some of the fur that was hard, but two of her paw pads are literally stuck together.

Any advice on what to use to loosen it?  
Thanks as always,
Christine & Miss Nala

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  • Some type of oil, maybe. 

  • I did a quick search for how to remove sap from clothing, rubbing alcohol was one of the most common suggestions along with laundry soap and laundry stain remover.  Of those I think the rubbing alcohol would be least irritating maybe?

  • Baby oil.  That's what my groomer has me use on my dog's when we camp and they get sap on their coats.  I don't think a paw would be any different.  But I've texted my groomer to confirm. For other things I've sometimes used baby powder.

  • Thank you so much for all the suggestions.  I tried dawn dish soap, but not too helpful.

    I will try the baby oil and see how that works.

    Thanks again!

    • Good luck.  I know that I have called my groomer in the past and gotten advice about sap so I hope it works.  She's also advised baby powder for stuff like stickers. but I have a hunch I've used it for sap also :-}

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