Hi all, new to the forum here and we just picked up our little bundle of sunshine on Sunday - I am so in love.  I am also ALLERGIC!  Dammit

I knew this could happen - I went into getting him knowing that I could be allergic.  I tested a few dogs but the allergies take a day or two to really show up so being with Goldendoodles for short period of times really didn't help, in my case.

Or who knows - maybe I just chose one that I am allergic to.

Getting rid of him is NOT an option and not interacting with him is also NOT an option so here I sit - suffering with allergies. BUT I am determined to make this work.

I have loaded up on different medications and nose sprays and am going to begin working through sampling the different brands available and see how I do on them,  I have always taken a Claritin a day for other allergies.

My questions to all of you fellow doodle allergy sufferers is what do you find works best for you to control the symptoms?   Did you find that you became immune to the dog allergen after awhile? Did you try allergy shots?  I have an allergy appt schedule for August 22.

He is an F1B, wavy coat, does not shed at all (so far)

HELP!!!  Please

thanks  :) 

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  • Sometimes, allergy symptoms that worsen when you have a dog in the home are not directly caused by the dog, but rather by the pollens that the dog is bringing into the house. Pollens in the air and on the grass, shrubs, etc. cling to the dog's feet and coat and are brought into your environment. Wiping the dog down before bringing him into the house may help a bit. 
    (OT but important to know: most young puppies don't shed, regardless of breed. Even heavy shedders like GSDs don't shed as babies.)

    • I second this. I'm not allergic to the dogs, but in the spring they do bring in all the things I'm allergic to. I can tell a difference when they've been out running in the grass.

  • So, not specific to doodles, but I have a cat allergy that sounds similar. My symptoms are cat induced inability to breathe, both through my nose and with my lungs (wheezing), eyes swollen shut, and itching my nose off. When tested I also turned out to be allergic to basically everything outside. But nothing bothers me except cats, and June. I joke that when they test you, if you aren't allergic to something they just poke you with it over and over until you finally react. 

    I was able to get through a whole year living in an apartment with a roommate and a cat. I was getting 4 allergy shots a week - one in each arm twice a week. The backs of my arms would swell up the size of baseballs. I looked like I had tumors. In addition, for me Allegra is the most effective allergy med. At the time it wasn't over the counter. Allegra D was much more effective than just plain Allegra. Patanol eye drops were also a life saver.

    Now you can buy generic Allegra over the counter at Costco for a reasonable price. And Bausch and Lomb makes Opcon A eye drops that are also cheap and work really well for my seasonal allergies. Itchy eyes seem to be my worst symptom.

    I think I did build up an immunity to the cat while I was getting shots. I don't remember that year being miserable. But I stopped getting them after I moved away from the cat, and now I'm as allergic as I ever was. It seems like for me at least, it would have to be something that was ongoing. I would absolutely do it to have dogs in my life, but it's just easier to be without a cat. I'm a dog person.

    • Immunotherapy shots, which is what you were getting, ARE for life. They do raise the immune system's tolerance for the allergens, but only as long as you are keeping the bloods levels up. Nothing related to immune mediated diseases is ever cured, only managed, and allergies are a disease of the immune system. 

      • I wanted lifetime antigens! I feel like there are people who did shots for x number of years and were able to stop. Maybe not, but that's what I wanted. Maybe they were just able to space them out to a reasonable amount of time. Twice a week was ridiculous. I didn't even mind the shots. It was having to go to allergist, get the shot, and then sit there for 20 minutes to make sure I didn't have an anyphylactic reaction that drove me crazy. And I could never talk them into letting me do it myself at home. Looking back, with the reactions I was having I wouldn't have let me either. I had an epi pen though, I'm sure it would have been fine. 

        When Ava started getting allergy shots I must have asked them five times if they were *sure* she didn't need an epi pen. I guess it's very uncommon for dogs to have systemic reactions to immunotherapy. I thought that was interesting.

        • The people who were able to stop may have started the shots very young. You can outgrow atopic dermatitis if you're affected as a child. My sister did. But as an adult, she developed asthma. Same disease, different form. 

      • DH's allergist said very few people follow through... and DH was like "Oh no, I'm going to keep doing it!"  He lasted a while, 5 years I think.. but a follow up visit showed that his allergies had not really improved so he isn't bothering anymore.  The shots definitely helped a little bit but not enough to be worth the hassle.  His allergies are to pretty much the entire outdoors, but not pets (except cockroaches... apparently they test for that? lol) and some got worse, some better with the shots.

  • Hi,

    I am so sorry to hear that.  That was my greatest fear when getting our dog.  My youngest had a severe allergy to cats, and while he was around dogs and never had a problem, I was worried.  Thank God he was fine with Nala.  (On the car ride home with baby Nala he started sneezing...I was so scared....but it was a  cold coming on)  She is a shedder btw.

    My youngest, now 11, is now able to be around cats.  My oldest used to have severe seasonal at 17 he is much better.    I know they are kids, so it may be why they outgrew.  

    After many years of dealing with food allergies as well as seasonal with all 3 kids, and after many years of dealing with various allergists...I finally hit the jack pot and found an amazing doctor. and that has made all the difference.  He is just outstanding and knows his stuff.  So I think if you find the right allergist (read reviews).  He or she will be honest with you about the shots and if they will help in the long run.  My kids never did shots.  They do take Allegra when needed for seasonal allergies, but the oldest really doesn’t need it anymore.

    Also you mention that you have seasonal allergies, so maybe Karen is right about the dog bringing it inside? 

    If you lived by me I would give you my allergist’s name....truly amazing and honest.  

    Best of luck!

  •  I have heard decent things about this product which I researched in preparation for our dood's arrival (husband has mild allergies). Maybe it will help you?

    • I saw this stuff on amazon too with a spray nozzle, I am just wondering how safe it really is for dogs.
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