I need some good advice please!

We are on the waiting list for a doodle puppy but came across one that actually needs a new home. It's just a family who doesn't have enough time for their dog, Bella. She's 7 months old. We visited her last night and learned that she is a little shy. She didn't come right up to us at first, but warmed up at the end. We played outside with her a little and she wasn't interested in us, but just wanted to run around. She had energy to burn! 

She is mostly housebroken (yay) but won't poop outside! She poops on potty pads inside. This would NOT be what we wanted, so how hard will it be to break this habit? 

We're really torn... I think she'd be a good dog, and we wouldn't have a lot of the hard puppy stuff, but she comes with the poop issue and would have to get used to us. I wonder how long that would take??

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  • Do you know where they got Bella. That's important. If she came from a reputable breeder, there would be a clause in their purchase agreement/contract which requires them to notify the breeder before rehoming her. Many good breeders will want to take the dog back, or assist in rehoming to be sure that the dog gets a good home. Beyond that, there would also be a two year health warranty that you would want to take advantage of, and which would need to be transferred to you.
    If she didn't come from a reputable breeder, my concern would be possible genetic health issues, although those can happen to any dog; but either way, you should ask for vet records. You can just get the name of the vet and have the records faxed or emailed to your vet; your vet can make the request, and then let you know if there are any concerns. 

    I wouldn't worry about her being a bit shy. I'm guessing she hasn't been well socialized if they don't have enough time for her. I also think she would learn to poop outdoors pretty quickly if someone spent some time working with her, taking her for walks, etc. 

  • While don't know from experience, I would think once you got her home and settled in, she would learn to poop pretty quickly outdoors without the pad. Especially at her young age. Whatever possessed them to train her that way? My girl was shy for the first few months. She would hide behind me on walks. She was supposedly socialized by the breeder. Now she loves everyone and thinks they love her back. Not a shy bone in her body now. I wouldn't let those 2 issues stop me from getting her. I would want to know the breeder she came from if possible.

    I remember Lucy, happy you are going to fill your home with 4 paws again.

  • Every dog comes with some unwanted behaviors - whether they are 8 weeks or 8 years. Many people are under a misconception that if you get an older puppy or adult that the dog should already be fully trained - I can see that you are not. She is going to need full socialization, housebreaking, just like she was that 8 week old puppy, but 7 months is still a baby.   It is going to be fun as well as a challenge.   I think if this girl appeals to you, get her. If she doesn't, then encourage the owners to contact a reputable rescue like the DRC or IDOG to help them re-home the dog.  Please let us know what you decide.

    PS I have a bought from a breeder doodle, an adult shelter rescue, and a re-home doodle.  All are great dogs, and all have deficit areas. 

  • I think if this puppy is healthy and you are in love, I'd go for it!  Getting used to you is easy - especially if her previous owners didn't have enough time for her - that is all puppies want, your undivided attention and love!    As far as the pooping issue, I would just not have any of the potty pads and train her exactly as you would a young puppy - just bring her outside every half hour and when she poops, praise, treat, praise, treat!  She will figure it out.  To me, seven months is the perfect age to get a new puppy - they have most of the nipping, sharp teeth biting out of their system and just want to please the people who love them - therefore training is successful if you spend the time!  Tough decision - good luck!

  • I would take her.   Make it clear you are going to need her vaccination records, and will take her to your vet for a check-up.  If that checks out.  If the pooping outside is an issue, it may not be in a new home, where you will have to potty train her as if she were 8 weeks old, but it will go a lot faster, then just move the poop pads to where she is actually supposed to poop.  Put some "accidental" poop of hers on it to get her started.

    • Yes, I was always told that if they go in the house, pick it up and put it outside where you want them to go. Thy will smell their poo there and realize thats the way it should be. Of course this won't happen overnight (but then again, it might) but I do believe this puppy is worth taking a chance on!

  • Thanks guys! I appreciate the advice and encouragement. I'll for sure post what we decide!

  • They should not have trained her on potty pads if they did not want her using them.  One way you could break this habit is to start with the potty pads outside.  Put them down when you take her out to poop.  Take her on leash and put down the pad.  Tell her to go potty and if she does not, take up the pad and put it away until the next time.  As soon as she has the go on command down, just give the command and no potty pad.  Should work.  The puppy stage can be difficult, but you have to decide.  Does she qualify otherwise to your wants and needs?  And, of course, doodles can be very energetic.  She is at a great age.  I have an 8-mo. old puppy and am really starting to enjoy her.  Puppy stage is almost over, but she still does a lot of chewing.

  • Well, we decided to go with the 7 month old! 

    Her name is Blaise and she is the best! She's just the right amount of playful and calm. She's great with my kids. Oh and she is pooping outside with no problems at all, and no accidents in the house. She hasn't gotten into anything she's not supposed to either.

    I'm SO happy with went with her. Thanks again for the advice!!

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