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I need some good advice please!

We are on the waiting list for a doodle puppy but came across one that actually needs a new home. It's just a family who doesn't have enough time for their dog, Bella. She's 7 months old. We visited her last night and learned that she is a little shy. She didn't come right up to us at first, but warmed up at the end. We played outside with her a little and she wasn't interested in us, but just wanted to run around. She had energy to burn! 

She is mostly housebroken (yay) but won't poop outside! She poops on potty pads inside. This would NOT be what we wanted, so how hard will it be to break this habit? 

We're really torn... I think she'd be a good dog, and we wouldn't have a lot of the hard puppy stuff, but she comes with the poop issue and would have to get used to us. I wonder how long that would take??

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Terrific news.  Just think, you are going to miss having to go through potty training.  Yea!!  Will be watching for photos of your "girls"!  Is Ellie as thrilled as you are?  Sometimes it take them a while to bond, other times they act like old friends right off the bat.

YEAH!!! Glad Blaise is now part of your family.  Sounds like it is still the honeymoon period though.  She will start being a little more challenging after she is sure this is her forever home.

I tried responding twice with my phone yesterday, but was unsuccessful.  Congratulations!  You made the decision I hoped you would make.  Blaise is a lovely name.

(I wasn't clear... but we changed her name from Bella to Blaise) :)

She's fitting right in and so far everyone is happy!

Gotta ask you....How do you pronounce Blaise?  Bly or Blaze???

Blaze :)

Love it!



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