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It's Knox here.  My mom told me to put "y'all" in the title to get your attention and I hoped it worked!  I just had to share the news about my mom's big award with you and thought it was only fitting that I write her "whoopee" discussion.   I would hate for you to think that it's all about me, but I want to make it perfectly clear that FLASH had absolutely NOTHING to do with her getting this award.  She earned her addicted status back in April, LONG before he weaseled his way into our lives. Clearly, her addiction can be fully attributed to ME...well, me and perhaps a few random rescues.  I can remember when she happened across this crazy site.  It was in the Spring of 2010 when I was only a few months old and she lurked around for quite a while before ever saying a word.  My dad says that he fondly remembers life before DK as that was when she still had time to clean, cook and do other things that I can't mention in mixed company.  Nevertheless, my mom has met alot of friends -- local and far away-- for both of us, and what can be better than that? Why oh why she had to venture over to the DRC website is an question that I'll save for another day, but suffice it to say that my mom has enjoyed every bit of being a member of DK and is thrilled to officially be a HOPELESS DOODLE ADDICT!  Just between you and me, she has always been a bit HOPELESS, but now she has something legitimate to attach to it...sort of.

Before I show you the pics that Christine (Shelby's mom) took, I want to thank Ginny and her gang for sending us such a nice package! Flash and I LOVED the toys and treats and mom says that she's anxious to try the goodies that Ginny sent for her.  If I gave kisses to anyone, I'd give one to Ginny for the great surprises!

Now for the pics.  Please ignore Flash.  I really wanted this to be a "Mom and Knox Event" but he kept butting in.  Even Courtney thought that she needed to make an appearance and since she's old and mean, I didn't argue. 

I'm not good at putting captions where they need to be, so let's just go from the beginning to the end...



My mom said to tell all of y'all that she's so honored to have this award and that it will be making its way somewhere soon!  I'm secretly hoping that she will send Flash along with it : )   Just kidding...sort of...

Your friend,



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Thanks, Gina!  Knox had a feeling "y'all" would work although neither of us can figure out why, lol!

NOOOOO, not Flash!  Knox wants this to be HIS thing, lol! 

Knox has come to that realization too!  Poor Knox and Hattie!!

Congratulations Doris!  Knox you are one good writer and so very proud of your Mommy!  Love the pictures and have fun clebrating your new status!  What a great day for everyone:) 

Thanks, Lonnie!  I'm so glad you are part of this madness and soon you can be hopeless too : )

Adorable pictures! The award was long overdue for you! Congratulations, the boys are just adorable (well, you and Courtney as well). :-)

Thanks, Jarka!  Hopeless is a compliment,  isn't it??

It sure is (since I'm already there as well). :-)

Doris, welcome to the HDA Club, Y'all ! You and the boys are just too cute (Courtney, too)! That last picture is amazing!

Knox, JD says he knows exactly how you feel, and he is very sorry that his mom has complicated your life! However, I happen to know that you are a little bit fonder of your new brother than you are admitting here.


Shhhh, Karen!  Knox doesn't want you to blow his cover!  He likes playing the sympathy card!!Remember, you are partly to blame...

I proudly plead guilty as charged! LOL! And I have a very good lawyer!

Karen.... if only you knew what a challenge it was to get that last photo..... we probably have about 25 pictures of the three of them in front of the fire place, but Doris won... and we got the good shot :)



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