We recently found this sweet boy in terrible condition. This photo was taken after shaving him down due to the awful condition of his hair.

I know the quality of the photo isn’t the greatest, but is there any info you could give just based off of photos? I’ll reply with some more.

Goldendoodle or Labradoodle? I’m leaning towards golden. Anything specific you could guess on him? 7930337465?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • 7930340700?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • 7930341491?profile=RESIZE_930xHe's feeling much better after being properly groomed and having some injuries taken care of. ❤️

    • There isn't really a way to tell without DNA and many people go that route. I'm old school so in my opinion, and when you are ready, just pick one  and be done with it.  It is fun to speculate. Our shelter boy was listed as a labradoodle in the shelter but his tail and eyes looked more golden retriever to us so we just chose that and ten years later he is our goldendoodle.  Congratulations to you and to him.


  • He's definitely a doodle and a very cute one at that. However, it would be impossible for anyone to tell you whether he's a goldendoodle, labradoodle, or any other doodle mix. I had a labradoodle who looked very much like him, but I've also seen goldendoodles who look like this. Labs and Goldens have very, very similar builds and conformation, and there's no way to tell by his coat, as every variation of coat is seen in both goldendoodles and labradoodles.  I'd buy one of those DNA kits, they are available online, if you really want to learn what breeds are there. 

  • He really could go either way!  Just for fun I'm going to guess labradoodle :-D 

    • That's what I was thinking too... his face gives me some Schnauzer vibes too for some reasons.  Maybe he'll surprise us all and be a Schnoodle :p

      • That last photo made me think of a schnoodle too, but i think that's the haircut. In the first two, his muzzle looks too broad for a schnoodle, more retrieverish to me, and the ears are set too low for a schnoodle, also more retrieverish. 

        • True!  It could just be the hair.  One of my neighbors adopted a scruffy little dog, who they assumed was some sort of poodle mix, but it turns out she's a purebred mini schnauzer.  Her ears are definitely very perky (they aren't cropped).

          One of my students saw Riley (we're doing classes over Zoom this year) and asked me if she was a Portugese Water Dog... it's hard to tell in pictures/videos sometimes!  Riley's WAY too big to be a PWD lol.  Also not curly enough.

          • I find very few people know much about breed standards on purebred dogs, and usually guess based on color and general characteristics. "Oh, that dog is black and white and curly, must be a PWD".  LOL


            • The student has a PWD herself which is probably why her mind went there right away.  Maybe it was the camera angle making Riley look like a 50 lb dog haha.

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