We recently found this sweet boy in terrible condition. This photo was taken after shaving him down due to the awful condition of his hair.

I know the quality of the photo isn’t the greatest, but is there any info you could give just based off of photos? I’ll reply with some more.

Goldendoodle or Labradoodle? I’m leaning towards golden. Anything specific you could guess on him? 7930337465?profile=RESIZE_710x

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        • We had to cut him down pretty short due to the condition he was in, which is why he has a different haircut than normal. :) 

  • I'm curious of what you mean by "found".  Was he just a scruffy stray wandering?  Any idea of age? He sure is a beauty!

    • Hey! So yes, we found him wandering around and searched for owners for about a week before someone came forward, after talking with them about the dog, they said it definitely wasn't theirs. Well, 3 weeks later they had cops show up at my house stating he was theirs and I refused to speak to them. After showing all of my proof and conversations with them, the police said there was nothing they could do and told the others to take me to court if they wanted him back. All they had for proof was some photos that resembled him slightly. And he is an outdoor "neighborhood dog". He didn't have a set owner. When I found this sweet boy, he was severely matted to where it hurt him to sit down or lay down. He had skin infections down both of his front legs, a rash covering his stomach, and an open infected wound on his rear end. He was in terrible terrible shape. He just recently had surgery to remove his dewclaw because of how bad of shape his paws were in, it was severely infected and had an abscess growing off of it. He also had a mass removed from his abdomen which turned out to be a ball of scar tissue from an injury. 

      So at this point, if the people do come up with some sort of proof of ownership, I will fight them in court. He is so happy here now and thriving.

      They stole him out of my yard one night when he was out going potty, I drove around to find him, and he was so so scared trying to find his way back to my house. He refused to go outside for 3 days straight and did not potty one single time for 3 days because of that incident. It's been a couple weeks since that happened and he's still very weary and cautious when being outside. 

      There is no way I'm going to willingly hand him over to be neglected again like he was. 

      sorry for the long reaponse, it's a lot to take in. 

      • This is horrible! I'd be a wreck all the time worrying that they would try to steal him again. That poor poor boy having to go through all that!

        • I definitely am. He is registered with us now and microchipped. We're working on getting security cameras so that next time they try, I have proof and can press charges. Unfortunately they've came back often. 

          • I can't understand why they would want him back so much after neglecting and mistreating him like that. What could be the benefit to them?

            • "They love him so much and have had him for over 10 years." Which is interesting because the vet said there's no way that this dog is over 3 years old. So no idea. I don't even think this is their dog honestly. 

              • Mental health issues?  Drugs?  I don't know, this whole thing is super strange and sad.  I'm so glad that sweet boy is with you, you're doing everything you can for him.  I hope they give up soon and just leave you alone to be happy with your pup.

          • He is neutered, right? If not, that needs to be done ASAP. That could also be the reason they want him back, they may have been using him for breeding.

            • He is! They told me he wasn't because they wanted to breed him. Which is odd since they're also claiming he is 10 years old. Doesn't make much sense to me, but he is neutered and was when I got Him. 

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