We recently found this sweet boy in terrible condition. This photo was taken after shaving him down due to the awful condition of his hair.

I know the quality of the photo isn’t the greatest, but is there any info you could give just based off of photos? I’ll reply with some more.

Goldendoodle or Labradoodle? I’m leaning towards golden. Anything specific you could guess on him? 7930337465?profile=RESIZE_710x

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              • This is just one of the weirdest stories I have ever heard, and I've been heavily involved in doodle rescue for 13 years. 
                Hoping these lunatics leave you and your sweet boy alone. 

                • It really is. The photos they sent, they're only in about 3 of them, and half the photos don't even look like the same dog. So no idea what's going on. He wasn't chipped, they have no papers on him or anything showing ownership. They claim they have vet papers from a long time ago. Legally in my state, he's mine now anyways. But if they take Him, I have to get a search warrant granted by a judge to have him scanned to prove he's chipped and mine. It's unfortunate, which is why we need cameras. If we get them on camera taking him, we don't need the search warrant. It's a big mess and it stresses him out so badly when they pull one of their stunts. They've even sent a 12 year old child into my yard to try and steal him while we were playing fetch. It's awful. 

                • But I won't give up on keeping him safe. No animal deserves to live the way he was. 

      • I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. These people sound nuts! Which is scary.

  • Thank you for saving this sweet dog. I would only take him out on a leash so they don't have a chance to steal him and to give him the security that you are there to protect him. 
    He looks much like my shelter rescue. We feel he's a goldendoodle rather than labradoodle because his eyes and tail. 7934917484?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • I think this is what my boy will look like once he's grown out again. He had very long hair but it was so poorly cared for, that we didn't have any other option but to shave him. 
      He is a huge part of our family now and I'll do everything I can to protect him. We definitely use the leash the majority of the time. And I keep an eye out for the crazy people to be coming down the road. He's gotten much better! I'm patiently waiting for him to get his staples removed from surgery so we can go running again and he play fetch more. He has to take it easy right now, but he loves fetch so much! He dances around and pounces on his bone to get it. 

      • I wish your guy a long happy life. Our boy was about two abandoned in a backyard. He's  has been a treasure.  His name is Clancy. 7938286655?profile=RESIZE_400x

        • Oh my goodness, look at that face! So precious. Ever since getting our Benji, I've been looking more into doodles and now I want another. Lol my husband is like nooooooooo we have enough dogs. Dang. 

  • Wow...so happy he has you to look out for him.  What a sweetie!  Some people just do not understand how to care for a dog.  Thank goodness you came into his life!

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