• Welcome. Uno is adorable in your profile picture. 

    • Thank you.. so clingy dog.. Yours is cute too.. whats her/his name?

      • The doodle as my profile photo is Jinkxy my mini goldendoodle. She's a rescue. 

        • awwee so much love. <3 

  •  Welcome to the wonderful world of doodles!  We love dogs also and have had several Siberians, a Golden Retriever and three Australian labradoodles.  Roo was our first and is playing across the rainbow bridge.  Tigger is 14 ( full brother of Roo, not a littermate though), and Murphy is 4.  ALDs are significantly easier to train the ALDs - more like Goldens, but we have loved them all.  Be sure to take at least 6 weeks of training with Uno and a really good ( read not a pet store) trainer especially if this is your first dog.  I have taken ususally 1-2 years with each new dog and is tends to keep me honest about working 2 or 3 times a day with him/her.  Totally worth the money and time!! Enjoy Uno!


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