Hi all, this is my first post. Let me introduce you to my lovely F1 mini goldendoodle Indie Rae. She is currently 13 1/2 weeks old 16lbs and doesn't really have any furnishings and a VERY interesting coat. I have been searching all over the forums and internet to see if anyone else has had a pup with her coat, and have not found anything like it. At first glance and in pictures she looks very fluffy and soft, but actually does not have a soft coat. Her coat feels similar to an alpaca's. Except for the hair on her face and ears are soft. She mostly looks like she has a straight coat but the hair that she sheds when I brush her is very tight curl/kinky. Also her hair does not easily brush out and knots up. I've been brushing it once a week. When I give her a bath it takes forever for her hair to soak up the water. It literally just beads off her an is almost impossible to get soaked. But the plus side is that her hair dries very fast. Which doesn't make sense at all since it beads off like low porosity hair. I'm so confused about her current coat type and what it will look like later. I live with my parents and my father has allergies to dogs but not severe. We plan to get her tested, I'm just hoping she is hypo allergenic. We plan to keep her either way no matter the results since we are all very attached to her. She is such a lover and very smart!!! What are your thoughts about what her future coat might be? 

The first picture is from 12 1/2 weeks and the second is from 9 1/2 weeks.






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  • Welcome! :)

    She looks like our first dog, Luna, who was also an F1 mini goldendoodle.   She passed away a few years ago. The hair texture sounds different though, Luna's was impossibly soft and mostly straight and she never matted.  Sounds like your pup may have more of the poodle hair texture which is fairly wiry.

    There are lots of pictures of Luna on my profile page, you'll have to scroll back a bit past pictures of Riley and Toby (My current doodles).  You should check out the group "Where's the poodle in my doodle?" Here, lots of unfurnished doodles in that group.

    Enjoy your new puppy, she is super cute!


  • She does look unfurnished, but possibly one of those lightly furnished shaggy dogs...only time will tell.  Did the breeder KNOW you needed a low shed dog?  

    • I told the breeder before getting her that we needed a no to low shedding dog before getting her. After picking her up and taking her home I noticed she didn't have any of her furnishings. I contacted the breeder and they said that her coat still might change. Then I retold them that one of us has allergies and they said that we should have gone with a F1b but that we couldn't return her. Originally the puppy that we picked out from that breeder was a F1b but the puppy died before we could pick it up. So we had to wait a couple of extra months before picking out another puppy which is the F1 goldendoodle we have now. In the past we had a F1 labradoodle and she was great and did not shed. So I thought it would be fine.

      • How rude of the breeder.  Just the fact the breeder said you couldn't return her, is awful. Willingness to take a dog back ANYTIME for ANY reason is the hallmark of a responsible breeder.  She clearly doesn't even know the coats she's producing.  Sad.  Anyway, she looks like a shedder to me, whether or not she develops furnishings.  Even FULLY furnished dogs can shed.  All 3 of my labradoodles have shed and they all had vastly different coat types.  So you got VERY lucky with your F1 labradoodle.  

        • Yep, it's in both Riley's and Toby's puppy contracts that should we need to re-home the dog for ANY reason that we have to return them to the breeder.  

          Also agreed about furnished dogs shedding.  Looking at Riley you might not think she sheds but she sheds pretty heavily.


          • Jackdoodle was the heaviest shedding dog I've ever known, and that includes the German Shepherds I fostered. He was fully furnished: 8786323089?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • 8785674261?profile=RESIZE_930xHere is what her hair looks like up close

    • And that's poodley looking hairs.  I can't wait to see her as she develops.  I think your breeder stinks and doesn't know her business, either ethically or expertly.  I'm sure you will love Indie just as much whatever she grows to look like, but the allergy friendliness or non-friendliness, could be an issue for whoever is allergic in your family.  Fingers crossed that it all works out.

      My fully furnished and heavily shedding goldendoodle. His hairs are straight.8791331856?profile=RESIZE_584x

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