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Hello everyone.  I am new to the breed.  My daughter hopes to adopt an Australian labradoodle puppy soon.  I am here to learn about the breed so I can assist her.  My furbaby is a  7 year old yorkie so I've been out of the loop regarding pups.

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Hi Rosalyn,
The members of this group put together a wonderful discussion with lots of information for new doodle owners. Please pass it along to your daughter, it covers a LOT, lol.

Thanks for the reply.  I am really excited about this group because it seems more active than most!

And you will also find that the information about all aspects of doodle ownership you will find here is more accurate than anywhere else on the internet. :)

I have had Australian labradoodles for the last ten years.  Here is a good website to learn about ALD dogs.  It contains some information about choosing a good breeder, but it is really more about the "breed".

We love our ALDs, my husband has no allergy symptoms from them.  We had Siberian Huskies primarily with a couple of mixed breeds and a Golden Retreiver.  Mostly more than one at a time.  All dogs have drawbacks and positive traits and this has certainly been true of Roo, Tigger and Murphy.

Pass this along to your daughter.

Thanks for the link. I will certainly pass this on to my daughter.  I agree no  dog is perfect.  My yorkie is a yappy girl.  My bichon was so lovable but she was an escape artist!

Welcome to doodlekisses.  This is such a great place to learn about dogs in general, especially doodles.  Please check out the food group - food brands based upon balanced diets, sourcing of the ingredients and lack of recalls.  Your daughter might benefit from reading up on discussions in the grooming group. Doodles can have such different coat types that it is helpful to learn about them and the grooming requirements.  Many doodles (I'd even guess that it's most) have more maintenance needs than most other dogs, so getting knowledge about that will be helpful.



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