has been YEARS since I was active on this site. How is everyone? Stanlee is doing well - he was diagnosed with Addison's Disease a few years ago but we are keeping it in check with meds and regular vet visits.  We have lost an old friend (Cooper) and added a couple of new ones (Theodora Eloise, a one year old 50 pound Catahoula, and Walter Pritchett, a 12 week old 30 pound Bernedoodle).  Going to take some time and catch up with some old friends and maybe make a few new ones. 




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  • Hi Marnie, good to hear from you! Not many of the old crowd still active here, really miss the old days. Your dogs are adorable and I'm so glad to hear that Stanlee is doing well!

    • Hi Karen, I hope all is well with you and yours.  I am going to try and make the effort to visit more often as i have truly missed my online friends.

      • I don't know if you know, I lost Jack in November 2017, suddenly and very tragically. So I'm doodle-less, but not dogless. I have Jasper, a 2 year old purebred silver Miniature Poodle, who is groomed appropriately for a doodle forum, lol.

        • I am so sorry to hear about Jack!  Losing Cooper was a major life-milestone.  Took some time to get another dog.  Jasper is a DOLL!!!

  • Hello!

    Your bernedoodle looks a lot like ours, Riley, who is 1.5 years old.  She just finished playing in the snow for 45 minutes and still has some snowballs on her beard ;)  She is 100% a winter dog.


    • Riley is SO CUTE!!!  Walter was a total and complete Christmas surprise gift from The Hubs.  He is such a funny guy - the puppy, not the husband - I just love seeing what new and silly things he does every day.  I can't believe how big is at only 12 weeks.  How much does Riley weigh?  My calculations put Walter at somewhere between 110 and 120 when he is done growing.

      • Wow, big boy!

        Riley's about 75 pounds, so medium sized for a female.  The 4x weight at 16 weeks + 10 pounds was pretty accurate for her.  

        • Gheesh I hope not, he is 28-29 at 12 weeks!

          • Actually sorry it's double the weight + 10 pounds lol.  Didn't mean to scare you!

            Now that I'm at my computer I can see Riley weighed about 17 lbs at 12 weeks but she was quite skinny.

            Her weight at 16w was 31 lbs and now she's 70-75ish so the 2x plus 10 pounds was accurate.


  • Nice to see you here Marnie--your additions are DARLING!  

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