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It has been a while since I have been active on DK...I appreciate the emails and comments from many of you inquiring about how we have been doing.  The past almost 6 months have been very difficult for me.  Rua and I will be hitting the road tomorrow afternoon to head out to our new life in California (my brother Ralph is flying out tomorrow and helping drive us back).


We'll post our adventures once we are settled into my sisters house (where we will reside while I look for a job and then find a house).


Rua & I will be at the SF Doodle Romp on Sunday, April 22, and the IDOG fundraiser event in San Jose on Saturday, April 28.


And then look out DK...Rua & I will be back on DK.


Please pray for a safe and uneventful journey for us.


Thank you all!


Dori & Rua


p.s.  Rua got a major haircut today...I had someone from the groomer's staff take pictures...I'll post when I get them.

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Wow, that was quick. Glad you are there.

Looking forward to another update. Good girl Rua for doing well on such a long drive!

So glad you have arrived and now you can start that new chapter in your book of life!  Forge on! Can't wait for the blog!  Best of luck to you and Rua!

Glad to know you've arrived safe.  Let your new life begin...

I have been absent a lot on DK as well Dora so I missed this post.Glad to hear all went well.

I wish I were going to the SF Doodle Romp on Sunday! Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

I LOVE that picture!  What a great lesson for all of us when things don't work out the way we had planned.  Very appropriate!

Thanks for the update Dori!  Glad you and Rua are safe and sound.  Rest up.

I tried to add more to my post last night, but my keyboard on my phone stopped working. I wanted to thank you all for your support, prayers, and kind v words.

Glad you and Rua got there safely!

Wishing you a very safe journey as you travel to California.  Rua will enjoy the ride & that makes for a much better travel companion!!!  Can't wait to hear all about your "un-eventful" trip.  Post pictures of course!

Glad to hear that you have arrived.

So glad you made it safely and our Rua was a good girl for you. So tell me......did you look back?



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