• Wrong spot I know but the site is a little confusing. Also I turned 55 the other day.

  • We appear to be having tech issues with starting a new group.  Waiting to hear from tech support.  IN the meantime, it might be better to start an email chain of some sort and that keeps addresses fully private.

  • Yes, I am so worried that it won't happen this year with the site problems. 

  • I'm also interested again this year.

  • I am interested in joining too if it comes together. We've been traveling the past few years during the holidays and took a break.

  • I don't know when this issue will be resolved.  It could be today or in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, perhaps someone can lead out in an email list.  If someone takes the lead, people can email you their address and then you can send the final list to everyone when it is complete.  Or use a past group, delete old info and rename it.  Or create a temporary FB group.  That's all I can offer in the meantime.

    • Adina, Can you send out an email to DK members telling them to contact Mindy below if they want to do the Card exchange?

      • I will do so on Monday.  People get very annoyed with that weekly email as it

      • Also passing on a message from Rae: I sent messages to all group members going back four years.  So, hopefully, all previous members know.  Would you mind putting something on the home page?  I’m up to my eyes preparing for surgery this coming Monday or I’d do it.  If you can’t let me know and I’ll ask around. (I am not sure which home page she is referring to)

        • The old DK you could put a comment out that ran down the front page....probably means something like that...or start a new discussion telling where to email your address.

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