• I also checked my email and DK messages and I never got any message about this year's exchange, so not sure where it was sent. I have always participated, too. 

  • Hi!  I did go into last year's group and changed the name to reflect this year.  However, just doing that hadn't seemed to help any.  This is so darn frustrating!  I asked a friend to try and join the 2019 group and she can't even find it but it seems to think there are two from last year!  If anyone has an easy way to get this started I'd love to join.  We have a family surgery scheduled for next week so I was asking someone else to Administer the group.  Mary volunteered but she is having all the same issues.  If someone knows how to do the email thing, please step up.  I know we'd all really miss not being able to exchange cards again this yearRae

  • Hey all, if you want to email me your address with the subject 2019 doodle card exchange I will be happy to compile and send out to all. My email is


    my only concern is getting the word out to everyone else from past years.  

  • Hey All it's me again.  I set up a separate email so I don't loose any in junk mail etc.  hopefully we can all spread the word. :)

    • Thank you!  I sent my address! Now, we just need to get the word out. 

  • Email chain has been started--check to see if you go thte email address to send your address to.

  • I got the email address in an email--I am guessing they do not want to put it here? If someone says it is OK, I will share it here. Its a special address just for the card exchange, not someone's regular email.


  • Mindy has set up a special email account for this year's card exchange.  Please email your name and address to


  • Last call for the card exchange!  Addresses will be sent out tomorrow 12/1.  

    • Mindy,  Thank you!  I sent an e-mail, adding my address, but I don't see a list or any way to see if it even went through! I hope it did and that we can pull it together.  Even if late, it is a worthgy group, and so much fun! 

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