HOT DOGS ALL DRESSED IS HAVING THEIR BLACK FRIDAY SALE.  I LOVE THEIR WATER COLLARS. I am so impressed with the quality of these collars. We have some that are at least 4 years old. They look like almost new and my guys wear theirs 24/7. I like the narrowest collar for Ned, but his neck size puts him on the last hole, so I have them extend the length a bit - no extra charge.  We customize the metal add-ons (we mix and match the ones we want) - no extra charge.  Too bad I forgot that their sale was coming up because I ordered Charlie a new collar so he would have one of his own and not leftovers! Here is a picture of some collars we have ordered in the past:3364210421?profile=original



It's that time- Don't miss it! 

It's our annual Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale. Coupon code BlackFriday25 good from Thursday Nov 24th at midnight EST to Monday November 28th at midning EST. Stock up on what you need for all your furbabies!! Happy holidays!
(web store orders only)

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  • Nancy - These are beautiful collars.
  • I really love them.  I know they don't show much on my boys, but the quality is top notch and I like knowing they have a cute collar under all that fluff.

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