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Farley has a hot spot that we cannot get to heal.  Any advice.

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What have you tried? Have you had the vet look at it? A hot spot is a moist dermatitis that will become infected if not properly treated. 

Yes he has been to the vet.  He is on an antibiotic.  I also have some cream for it.  Someone mentioned coconut oil so I also might try that.

Please do not use coconut oil (or any other type of oil) on it!!!! 

Oil keeps it moist, and that's the last thing a hot spot needs in order to heal. 
Despite the beliefs of people with no education in science or health issues, there is nothing magical or curative about coconut oil. Used externally, it's a lubricant; that's it. You do not use lubricants on hot spots unless they are prescribed by a vet. 

How long has he been on the antibiotic and cream (which I'm assuming was prescribed by the vet)? 
Is he licking or biting at the area? 

He has been on it for a week.  He cannot lick or bite it but is able to scratch it every now and then. It is on his back.

If you've been using the antibiotics and cream for a week and there is no improvement, I'd call the vet. 

I second that.

Yes, take him back to the vet. You may need to find a way to prevent him from touching the hot spot. If you have caught him scratching it, he is probably irritating it much more often than you have seen. Hot spots can get really serious. I hope it all works out well for you both very soon. 



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