This is my first time posting in a while and the first time on the updated website, so I'm not 100% sure if I'm posting correctly! Feel free to let me know how to do it better if I did anything incorrectly :) 

So, I have a 2-year-old mini Goldendoodle, no previous medical issues. He is the first dog that anyone is our family has had, but we have had experience with other pets. Recently, we noticed he was starting to get some irritation in his private area. We did searches online and ended up coming to the conclusion that it was probably a hotspot. So, we made him "underwear" (baby shorts) and are having him wear it so he can't lick the area. We also got some spray for hotspots and have been putting it on the area. 

After a little bit, it seemed like it had healed, and he stopped wearing the "underwear". But, then it got a lot worse. So we've started putting the underwear back on him, and he's been wearing it for the past two days, but it doesn't seem like it's getting better, it actually looks like it's getting worse. In addition, we're hoping to get him a cone because we're worried he's able to get past the underwear when we're not looking and also because we think it may be trapping in the moisture. We also noticed his ears have looked a little irritated (red, spots, some wax) but nothing too extreme, but are hoping it's not the start of an ear infection.


We're really hesitant to take him to the vet right now because of COVID-19, it's pretty common where we live but are planning to take him to the vet in a few days if it doesn't get better. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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  • I understand being hesitant to go to the vet right now, but all vet offices have protocols in place for safety, and he really does need to be seen. He is licking the area because it's itching intenesely, and you need to do something to relieve the discomfort. Putting pants, cones, etc. on him prevents him from licking, but it doesn;t stop his suffering. It's like if a child had chicken pox, and you tied his hands behind his back to stop him from scratching and hoped the itching would stop on it's own. Nobody would do that, you would take the child to the doctor and get something to help relieve the discomfort. 
    You are correct that hot spots need to be kept dry, and moisture is not a good thing for them. But a hot spot is a moist dermatitis that will become infected if it isn't treated. That's assuming it is a hot spot. Dr. Google doesn;t always diagnose things accurately, lol. Either way, it needs to be properly diagnosed and treated, it isn;t going to go away by itself, and the spray will only temporarily relieve the itching, it won't heal it. 

    Poodles and Poodle mixes get ear infections; they just do.Their ears must be cleaned weekly with a good ear cleaner that contains a drying agent. It sounds like your guy does have an infection, and that must be treated. 

    This is the time of year when seasonal allergies, properly called Atopic Dermatitis, often flare up, and two years old is right about when you first dee them. Atopy is extremely common in goldendoodles and labradoodles. And it isn't from chicken, and it isn't from their food, despite what all the armchair vets on FB might tell you. :) While these symptoms don't exactly fit the classic pattern for allergies, they ARE compatible with Atopic Dermatitis. 
    Please take him to the vet. :)


    • What they did for my son's doctor's visit (he needed 15 month shots) is they lock the doors, only let people in once they call the front desk then take them straight to the exam room.  I imagine most vet's offices are doing something similar and only seeing urgent cases.  For the vet they may even just take the dog at the door, examine them then bring them back to you to talk about it and arrange payment.


      • Most vets are having you park and call them. Then a tech comes out and takes your dog out of the car, no contact with you. In some cases, they even bring a slip lead leash with them to replace yours. They take the dog in, you stay out in your car. and the vet communicates with you by phone. Payment is also handled over the phone, no contact. 

        • That makes sense, I think it's a good arrangement.  Riley needs her flea/tick/heartworm meds soon we can probably just call to pick up.  I don't think they actually need to see her until Fall since she's on a Fall shot schedule.

          • I don't know which HW meds you use, but I use Sentinel, and my vet requires an annual HW test before they will sell it, because that's what the manufacturer's warranty requires. 
            Jasper was due last month and they told me they weren't doing routine stuff. Fortunately, I still had a few months worth left.
            But he's now overdue for his annual and his DAP shot. Also bordatella. Which reminds me that I need to call them and find out what to do about that.
            If this had happened when I had Jack, I don't know what I would have done. He was at one vet or another's office every single week. Sometimes two in a week. 

      • And tech appointments, like nail trims, are done right at the car. 

  • This looks like some problems Picco had.  It was due to food sensitivies.  Hotspots were from junky store bought treats and ears was from chicken.

    • That's the conventional non-expert wisdom, food sensitivities and chicken. That thinking is so common that I made sure to say in my first response above that it isn;t from chicken and it isn;t from food, lol.  In fact, only 1% of all dogs have any kind of food allergy, and a food sensitivity will usually cause digestive symptoms, not skin or ear issues, although junky food and treats can definitely cause a dry, dull coat. But for an infection to happen, you need an immune response, i.e. antibodies to the offending substance. :)
      There is really no way to know without testing. :) 

      • Well it works for us.  Haven't had any issues since so I'm sticking with it!


  • Hi, 

    Thanks everyone for your help! We got the soonest vet appointment available-Friday at 3- and will be bringing him to get checked out! 

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