Hello, I'm sure anyone who has watched the dog whisperer has seen him use a doggy backpack to help cut down on bad behavior and also tire out the dog a bit more one the walk. And to give the dog a sense of "work", so they stay more focused, etc. I am wondering if anyone here has used one, and if so if they like the brand they bought. I'm not so sure that more expensive means better. I'm on a budget and would prefer to hear from someone which kind they got rather than just go by reviews on amazon. Thanks

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  • you might want to try sitstay.com

  • The brand Mija is sporting is "Ruffwear"....I'm pretty sure its a large (Mija weighs in at about 50# and is about 23-24" tall)--her deep chest is why I went bigger as I think the medium would have worked too...just don't want it too tight for when there is actually weight in it...she can carry her own food and water for a day's worth out on the trail...and yes, she tends to stay more focused on us while wearing it (although she is well trained for the most part! ;) ).

    Here's a video too...you can see she has no problems moving around and crawling around boulders with it on...


    Good luck!
  • I have the Mountainsmith Dog Pack. I haven't used others but I have been very happy with the quality, construction, and comfort of this pack. I'd buy one again if I didn't have this one.

    The one piece of advice I'd give is to work up to longer walks/hikes gradually when you first start using it. It fit beautifully and didn't chafe but the added weight can make your dogs pads sore or even injure them.

    Have fun!
  • Both Moose and Mica have backpacks. One is an Olly Dog which is nicely made, but a pain to adjust. The other pack is by Outward Hound. Neither are that expensive and wouldn't be that great for long trips, but they are fine for walks. We uses bags of dried beans to add some weight to them. Not a lot, just more than an empty back pack. They don't even seem to notice the packs and the packs are great for carrying the dog poo back out again. Moose's timing is perfect in that he waits until we are exactly halfway through the walk and then decides to go. :) There is a picture of Moose wearing his pack on my page. I can't figure out how to get it over to my message, or I would just attach it.
  • Thanks so much for your suggestions. I have a limited ablility to walk myself, so I would just use one for casual walks. I ordered the Outward Bound after measuring Toby's chest for correct size, I went up to the large as he is 29" and only 15 months old, so he may gain some girth. ( I hope so, right now he is so thin) vet says he's a good weight, not too thin, I also ordered a gentle leader as i'm having so much trouble with him jerking. I hope to only use it until he gets the idea, I'm worried about him getting a neck sprain? I had a cocker i used one with and suddenly after the first walk he couldn't clime the stairs anymore, was in pain. I took him to the vet, they couldn't really tell me much, just gave me something for the pain and told me to not let him climb stairs unless he tried it on his own. But I have read hear so many people are using this item, I felt like I should try it also. Hope this all works. Thanks again.
  • Just wanted to report in. Toby now has his back pack and gentle leader harness, nothing around his neck. Thanks so much to everyone, he is so much better to walk with now. We went to the park for the first time today, and he was really pretty good.Of course I kept him on his lease and under control, but we happened to be next to an Amish family, with at least 3 little ones under 5 and they just couldn't seem to stay away from him. He's always been great around kids, was in a home with an 18 month old as a puppy, and he was very calm with them. They even chose to lay a blanket down fairly close to us to put their 1 year old down to nap on. And so of course I was extra vigilant. Later, he saw his first horse, and of course he had to comment on that, but all in all it was a wonderful day and we had so much fun. Can't wait to take him again, now that i'm not afraid he'll get away from me. And he carried his water, collapsible bowl and long rope leash in his pack (and baggies LOL).
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