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We haven't allowed Jamie on the couch and our beds since we got her at 8 weeks. She is now 10 months old and there isn't a day that goes by when she doesn't try getting, at least, one of her hind legs if not her entire self on our couch or bed. Obviously, we have not been that effective in "claiming the space". Here's the thing: we actually would enjoy having her on the couch or on the bed with us once in a while. But we would want it to be on our terms, not hers. She is 80+ pounds right now and not getting any lighter. How do we get our couch potato without confusing her? Any ideas or experiences out there would be highly appreciated.

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We don't allow ours up and they don't try ... but on a rare occasion I'll invite one up for a short time of cuddling. Maybe once a year!

What I've heard from others is that you have to be VERY clear. Maybe have a blanket you put down that signals she's allowed up. Then make her sit politely first or do something first and then...ONLY by invite do you let her up. Any other time you still have to be firm and make her get off or body block her so she does not get on.

It's TOTALLY up to you and on/off is a personal choice not anything that will interfere with dog training except in extreme circumstances.
I appreciate the feedback, Adina. You made a good point with this being a personal choice. I think that she's smart enough to sense our hesitation about it thus her frequent attempts. I know that inconsistencies at this stage might throw her entire training off. It's just one of those things that I am on the fence about.
Samantha is only allowed up on MY sofa or bed after and only when she has been invited. DH has allowed her up on his den sofa without giving her permission. In my den, Samantha does wait to be invited. She seems to know who allows what.

Charli thinks our bed is hers. Not when we are upstairs (she does wait for an invitation then) but if I can't find her I know where she is. I have not made a big deal out of it - I guess that is part of the Empty Nester philosophy and life style. She is potty trained and only seems to enjoy shredding the loofah's that are hanging (or should I say WERE hanging) in the shower. She just loves napping in a wet shower!

But that is just for these 2 doodles! Our GR and Bearded Collie didn't come upstairs until they were over a year old. ON THE BED - not until they were over 2 - boy have I changed!!

I try not to sweat the small stuff.

Jordan also knows which things she has free range on. Bed only if DH is not home.She will move right away with no fuss if told off. Sofa downstairs only.Its our older one and we do not care about it. She does not get on the upstairs sofa at all. Or any other bed in the house as well.
She ask to get up for all. She has her dog beds everywhere and she is always happy to be there. She does not have ownership issues..unless it is me but that's another post.
Bailey and Murphy are allowed on our sofas (they both have a spot on the sofas that they favor) and our king-size bed (after 10 minutes of attention from us, they normally perfer the floor). They are large dogs and sometimes I get little room on the bed but I love the cuddling. But if I say OFF they know that I am in charge and they move instantly..
I forgot about the amount of space on the bed part! Since Charli is now allowed upstairs and on the bed, Samantha has started sleeping diagonally between my hips and my feet - not allowing Charli near me. Guess she is not ready to share that part of me yet. LOL!!
MY problem is that I do NOT move her. I find I have a leg haning over the edge of the bed so I don't have to disturb HER! Yup - there is something wrong with that picture. But she also prefers spending most of the night on her bed.
We don't generally let Guinness on the furniture. Sometimes in the evening if I'm reading or watching TV in bed I invite him to come up with me. I ask him to sit and wait for a few minutes first. That way he truly understands that it is on my terms. He hasn't tried to get up on his own yet.
I have trained my dogs to only come up when we have a blanket down that way we can wash it regularly. My older dogs knows this very well and NEVER will get up without a blanket and most of the time will only get up if we invite her. My ld is getting it :)
Maybe it's the empty nest syndrome, or maybe after having children, or maybe just learning to not sweat the small stuff, I have found that I don't mind Murphy on the couch or bed. There's nothing about it that bothers me. He doesn't chew, he's bathed 2-3 times a week sometimes and he doesn't shed. Murphy is not that big a cuddle-bug anyway, so when he does come up to us when we're on the couch or bed, that's the only time I get to snuggle. He also gets right off if we tell him too, so that works for us.

I think it's all personal preference too. Guess if you're sitting on the fence, figure out what it is that bothers you about it and how much it's worth putting the time into training him not to get on the furniture. But they are so smart, that I find with clear signals, they "get it" pretty darn quick.
You're right. Sometimes I know exactly why I don't want her on furniture and then there are times that it seems like a good idea to be able to snuggle with her on it. Still not a 100% either way, though. Thanks for the input.
We started out with the no dog on furniture rule. And then we thought, what's the big deal... our couch is big enough, cleans up well, and is the same color as the dog :o) And when more people come over, or i want her to get down and go lay somewhere else, she does!

The bed is a different story as she seems to love an afternoon nap with her head on my pillow (crusty beard pillow smell). I change pillow cases a lot, and put a blanket over the bed spread most days...

She will only jump into bed with me if I'm the only one in the bed! Otherwise she's perfectly happy to sleep elsewhere - on the floor at the foot of the bed, in the doorway of the bedroom, on the futon in the office, etc...
Rosie is the first dog I have had that is allowed on furniture. She has claimed the hassock in the living room as her own. She also sleeps on the couch or chair, wherever she wants. The spot that she loves the most is the corner by the front door that I used as the time out corner for my grandkids. They just get the biggest charge out of Rosie being in self inflicted "time out". If I'm watching TV in bed she is sometimes invited to join me but she normally stays for a short time and then jumps off the bed. She does spend her nights in her crate. Although she has calmed down dramatically since turning one year old, I still don't trust her to be out of her crate a night.



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