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  • No such thing as "good or bad" when it comes to physical features like muzzle length in a mixed breed dog. It's only what you prefer.
    These two puppies are very similar. Both appear to have curly coats and furnishings. 
    Do you know anything about their individual temperaments? Have you met them? Seen video of them interacting with their mother, litter, other family members at the breeder's home? Does the breeder do Volhard Puppy Temperament testing? Provide any feedback on their temperaments? 
    Temperament trumps everything when it comes to choosing a puppy. Especially when they are so similar in appearance. 

    • Thank you! They did temperment testing and picked these two as suitable for our family. So no difference there either I guess. The you tube videos do show Dixi being more active though I think.My husband likes the big noses but I think their noses are similar too ha! She showed us pics of what other litters look like. I cant tell the muzzle size differences on the older pups. Thanks so much foe your help. We are excited. 

      • Both puppies are adorable and if both have a similar temperament, I'd go for the 'bigger nose'. :-)

        • Thank you! we are clearly overthinking this haha

  • Will the shorter muzzle area give more of the teddy bear look or does that not matter?

    • I honestly don't see a difference in muzzle length. I think the hair on their muzzles is tricking your eye into thinking one is longer than the other. If somebody brushed it, it would change that.  But at any rate, a "teddy bear look" is entirely 100% dependent on how you groom them. 1000%, actually. 

    • Here are two dogs who are identical in terms of muzzle length, and every other body part, lol. They are littermates, and as puppies, you could not tell them apart. One is mine and the other is his brother, and these photos were taken the day after each of them was groomed. 
      See what I mean about the "teddy bear" look being 100% about how you groom them? 

      • Riley doesn't appear to have a long poodle muzzle... until she is in the bath and her hair is slicked down :p 

        Same with Toby.  

        A lot of a dog's appearance has to do with how you cut their hair.

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