• Yeah when I asked him that he said "42 sounds right, the key is to get the divider that makes it smaller" 

            Maybe he just doesnt know the sizes? 

            Honestly, I am questioning a lot of things but am not sure what to do at this point. one being I think being I don't think the pictures show the size dogs he says they are and I am afraid I am going to end up with a bigger dog then we thought. Then, of course, the issue of heallth problems which i already looked into insurance for.


            • A 32" crate was large enough for our 40-lb mini goldendoodle Luna so unless your pup ends up WAY bigger than you are expecting I'm sure that would be okay (possibly too big, 24-28" may be a better idea) and you would still need a divider for the early puppy weeks.  

            • A 42" crate isn't "bad" it's just significantly larger than necessary.  I would go one smaller: 36" if you want it extra roomy, but still not HUGE.    They usually go up/down by 6" at least in the common crates in the USA.

  • And here's her mama


    • The brother dog picture he sent me does not have the same parents just the same dad so I am thinking my little girl will not be that dark red like they are but who knows. 

    • what kind of coat is this on her mom? It doesnt seem curly nor wavy?

      • It's VERY curly. It's just clipped short.

        • ok so I can assume our pup will be very curly. Can you tell that already from her coat?

          • Yes. 

            • So basically I can expect a tight curl like a poodle coat? I am not sure I care I would just worry about mattes. I don't want to have to shave her down a lot. 

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