• They say dad is a red toy poodle
    • Looks like a very large Toy Poodle to me. Do you know his weight?

      • Thank you all again for the info. I will be perfectly fine if the puppy turns out to be larger I just didnt want it to be too large and I'm actually buying a crate today for her at the chewy Black Friday sale so I was just trying to pinpoint some things. 

        Plus after reading here for a few days I was just trying to see if I was being told the truth about the puppy because it seems like that is a habit some breeders have to fudge the details. that makes me leery and I don't want to deal with a breeder that is not forthright. 

        So he said "The puppy we have is from the same dad, not the mom. we have had 12 puppies from these parents in the past. All of them are between 17lbs-23lbs. The dad is a mini and he is about 12-13lbs and mom is slightly bigger at 23lbs. We specialize in that 20-25lbs mini." 

        He does look larger in those pics. I think I will go with a 42 inch crate?

        • I am confused by " "The puppy we have is from the same dad, not the mom." What puppy is he talking about? 

          So your puppy's dad is not a Toy Poodle, he's a Mini? The breeder said the dam was bred to a red Toy Poodle. That's confusing also. 
          There are 3 distinct sizes of Poodle: Standard, Miniature and Toy. Minaitures are bigger than Toys. 12-13 lbs would be a small Miniature, typically.
          It is important to know what Poodle varieties are involved in your puppy's genetic make-up, because all three varieties have different genetic issues. 
          I know who the breeder is, and my concern would be that there is no mention of genetic health testing on the parents, nor any mention of genetic diseases in the health warranty. For the kind of money this breeder is charging, that's a red flag to me. 
          Here is the health testing for my dog's sire. This is what I would want to see before I paid $3300 for a puppy. And I can tell you that puppies from my dog's sire sell for less than that.

          Advanced Search | Orthopedic Foundation for Animals | Columbia, MO
          Use our advanced search tool to find information and reports by registration number, animal name, breed, special programs, report type and more.
          • The picture of the brothers, the really dark red coates doodles that he sent me, he has on the website as being from the same parents as the litter ours is from. Here he is saying it is the same dad, not mom. 


            Yes, I understand your concerns. Ones I also share after reading through here the last few days. I found this site after we paid the deposit and committed to one. A friend on Facebook got her doodle here and recommended them. She is super happy with hers, and I saw they were licensed  breeders and their facilities seem to be superb for dogs.  I googled them and nothing bad turns up. 

            Not sure what my options are at this point. Their health guarantee is 6 months only. They do show on their site the DNA testing of the "brothers" they kept and mention a lot. 


            • You really don't have any options other than forfeiting your deposit.
              People being happy with puppies doesn't mean much. Any serious issues don't usually show up until a dog is a few years old. 
              DNA testing is not the same thing as genetic health testing, or doing actual physical screenings of hips, elbows, eyes, heart, etc. 
              But at this point, I'd just keep fingers crossed for a healthy pup and get health insurance for him. I would advise anyone to get health insurance for any dog. 

              • Thank you so much. I will research that now. I really appreciate your help! 

          • He is saying the dad of our puppy, the poodle he sent the pic of that we think is large, is a mini poodle at between 12-13lbs. The mom of our puppy is a mini goldendoodle that is 23 pounds.

        • 42 inch crate is huge - our 75 lb, 27" at the shoulder bernedoodle has a 42" crate and she can sleep in it just fine.  It's slightly too large for our ~40 lbs goldendoodle puppy who is about 22" or so at the shoulder.

          • Good catch, J. A 42" inch crate is way too big for a mini goldendoodle. 
            My Miniature Poodle is 16" at the shoulder, weighs 21.5 lbs, and he uses a 24" crate. 24" long, 18" wide, and 20" high. It is perfect for him. 

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