I know we all ask the same question. But the suspense is killing me! Willow was 27 pounds and 17 weeks when I got her and tomorrow she'll be 21 weeks and she's 32 pounds. Part of me feels like she hasn't grown, but then I look at her next to Katie and she's significantly taller. She's stockier built than Maggie, and Maggie's almost 52 pounds. I want to know if she's going to get to 65. I feel like 65 is the magic number, but she doesn't seem to be gaining weight very fast. She's eating everything so that's not it. I don't want to rush her being a puppy, I just want to see how big she's going to get! Maybe she needs some vitamins!

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  • Is she supposed to be a Standard? If so, there's a formula:

    Weight at 4 months doubled plus 5 to 10 lbs.

    17 weeks is just about 4 months, so....27 x 2 = 54 

    54 + 5 = 59

    54 + 10 = 64

    So, she should end up between 59 and 64 lbs. 
    If she's not a standard, she'll probably weigh less than that. 

    • Karen:  Is there a formula for 8 week olds (2 months)?  Our Zoey weighed 9.3 lbs at the vets today and she will be 8 weeks on Sunday.  We get to pick her up on Sat.!!!!!!

  • Why is 65 lbs such a special number?

    • She is supposed to be a standard. And Ava was 65 pounds and she was just the perfect size. I loved hugging her and laying next to her. Maggie is almost big enough, but she's not "substantial" the way Ava was.

  • Perhaps coincidentally the formula worked for my mini Katie too. She was 12 pounds at 16 weeks and she's been a very healthy and happy 29 her whole adult life. 

    I would think it's a reasonably accurate formula for most of the normal size dogs. The tiny tiny ones mature really quickly, and the giant size mature really slowly, but I wonder how it holds up to most normal sized dogs. I would imagine that they mature at similar rates.

    • It doesn't work for smaller but not teeny tiny dogs either. Jasper weighed 10.5 lbs at 4 months. Going by that formula, he'd weigh 26-31 lbs now as an adult. Which would be a world record for a Mini Poodle, lol. He actually weighs 18 lbs. 

      • That's interesting. I would have thought he would be closer. I'm surprised he was more than half his adult size at 4 months. Papillons are pretty well done growing at 6 months, so I knew it wouldn't work for them. 

        Someone should do a very unscientific study to see how often the formula works. I have a whole growth chart for Katie. She will still sit on the bathroom scale for me. Poor dog, she has a neurotic mother. Is it any wonder I have concerns that Willow isn't growing? (Willow is growing fine)

  • Well, I finally got some time at my computer (instead of my tablet) and here are Riley's stats for the last few months I was keeping track:

    16w  31 lbs

    18w  37 lbs

    20w  41 lbs

    22w  46 lbs

    Now (9 months) ~60 lbs

    Based on that I would guess Willow to be smaller than Riley fully grown.  We're expecting Riley to top out around 65-70 lbs once she's done being a string bean and fills out :p

    • I'm going to say closer to 75 lbs. But maybe not until she's about 18 months old.

  • I agree that Riley will be bigger than Willow unless she has a major growth spurt or I feed her miracle grow or something. I also agree with Karen that Riley will probably be closer to 75 - maybe because I'm just hoping that Willow makes it close to 65! 

    Maggie is almost 52 pounds. She's tall and thin and I think that's how she's going to stay. When she first got here I thought I could get her up to 60, or at least 55 but I think she's too fine boned for that. Willow is heavier boned. I put my hand around her leg and she's got some solidness to her. I know she'll be perfect no matter what her size is. I am just hoping for a big dog. It's funny that I'm so resistant to getting a male, and that's where the big dogs are! 

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