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I know we all ask the same question. But the suspense is killing me! Willow was 27 pounds and 17 weeks when I got her and tomorrow she'll be 21 weeks and she's 32 pounds. Part of me feels like she hasn't grown, but then I look at her next to Katie and she's significantly taller. She's stockier built than Maggie, and Maggie's almost 52 pounds. I want to know if she's going to get to 65. I feel like 65 is the magic number, but she doesn't seem to be gaining weight very fast. She's eating everything so that's not it. I don't want to rush her being a puppy, I just want to see how big she's going to get! Maybe she needs some vitamins!

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Is she supposed to be a Standard? If so, there's a formula:

Weight at 4 months doubled plus 5 to 10 lbs.

17 weeks is just about 4 months, so....27 x 2 = 54 

54 + 5 = 59

54 + 10 = 64

So, she should end up between 59 and 64 lbs. 
If she's not a standard, she'll probably weigh less than that. 

Karen:  Is there a formula for 8 week olds (2 months)?  Our Zoey weighed 9.3 lbs at the vets today and she will be 8 weeks on Sunday.  We get to pick her up on Sat.!!!!!!

Not that I've ever heard. The only formula I've ever seen is the one I posted above, and it only applies to standards. 

Perhaps coincidentally the formula worked for my mini Katie too. She was 12 pounds at 16 weeks and she's been a very healthy and happy 29 her whole adult life. 

I would think it's a reasonably accurate formula for most of the normal size dogs. The tiny tiny ones mature really quickly, and the giant size mature really slowly, but I wonder how it holds up to most normal sized dogs. I would imagine that they mature at similar rates.

It doesn't work for smaller but not teeny tiny dogs either. Jasper weighed 10.5 lbs at 4 months. Going by that formula, he'd weigh 26-31 lbs now as an adult. Which would be a world record for a Mini Poodle, lol. He actually weighs 18 lbs. 

That's interesting. I would have thought he would be closer. I'm surprised he was more than half his adult size at 4 months. Papillons are pretty well done growing at 6 months, so I knew it wouldn't work for them. 

Someone should do a very unscientific study to see how often the formula works. I have a whole growth chart for Katie. She will still sit on the bathroom scale for me. Poor dog, she has a neurotic mother. Is it any wonder I have concerns that Willow isn't growing? (Willow is growing fine)

Why is 65 lbs such a special number?

She is supposed to be a standard. And Ava was 65 pounds and she was just the perfect size. I loved hugging her and laying next to her. Maggie is almost big enough, but she's not "substantial" the way Ava was.

Do you ever worry about picking them up should something happen?  I guess because I turned retirement age, that was a concern of mine.  My last dog weighed 45# and one time to carry him a distance was enough for me to think about it!  That's why I picked one in the 25-35# range. 

That's why I got a Mini Poodle after Jack died.

Getting older sucks!!!  lol

Well, another perk of a small dog is that they are a lot cheaper to own. Not only are they less expensive to feed, but groomers prices are lower for smaller dogs, dog beds, crates, bowls, brushes, harnesses, collars, etc. cost less for smaller sizes than bigger sizes, and even things like HW and flea/tick preventatives cost less. So there's that. :) 



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