• This does surprise me, I would not have thought there was any danger at all for any size dog in temperatures above freezing. Good to know. 

  • Hmmmm....our Vern would stay out all day in the coldest weather. It never seems to bother him. In fact, I wish it bothered him more. LOL

    • It doesn't seem to bother Jack, either. He would lie on the ice covered patio for an hour if I let him. But heat doesn't bother him either, and he will lie on that stone patio when it's 95 degrees, too. My conclusion is that he is not too smart and it's up to me to know better, lol. Thank God at least he comes in out of the rain. 

  • I wonder if Petplan has a different chart for Canada!  DH goes snowshoeing 2-3 times a week with Myla for about four hours ( I join them 1-2 times) . The temperature varies from 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit - if it's warmer than that, the snow balls on her fur and we have to go back because it's too hard for her to walk.  She loves it.  At home, she loves being outside in the snow and often lays on the snow and watches her surroundings for most of the day.  She can come in whenever she wants!  We don't put any sweaters or anything on her feet.  There has never been a problem.  Of course, being in Canada, this is our norm for the winter and she is used to it.

    • I'm in Canada too and have found similar to you,mother dogs get used to the cold weather. I walk my two pretty much every day before work, no matter what the temperature. Anywhere down to -20C is ok, below that the boots go on and we still do our regular walk; below -30C we only walk as far as is needed for peeing and pooping, or they run around in the yard until they have done their business! My guys are larger, 70lb and 50lb. I think it is very individual to each dog. My f1 LD has a thick labbish coat and he loves the cold weather, he hates wearing a coat when I have tried to put one on him. He loves to lie outside in the snow, especially on the snow banks! My multi-gen has seasonal alopecia and looses his hair in the winter, so below -10C he always wears a coat.
  • Thanks for posting this.

  • Such good information.  Thanks, Jane.

  • This is a good starting guideline. Picco has been out for brisk snow hikes at low temps, 10-20 deg range, for 1/2 to hour (with booties) with no problems.  I think Doodles/Poodles need to be more aware in wet weather.  They don't shed water like most dogs.  We have been caught in the rain at 50 deg for a short period and has shivered!

    • I have been wondering if Belle needs to have a sweater or coat.  She is small, but has a thick fleecy coat.  However, she needs (demands!) a LOT of exercise, so on the days when she doesn't get to run in the  fields at day care, I have been taking her on more, and longer, walks.  The other day as I was putting on a down vest over my winter jacket, and a second pair of gloves, it occurred to me that Belle also might need warmer attire.  She doesn't show any signs of being cold, and would stay out for ever if I could stand it, but maybe she is one of those dogs who don't know when they are too cold? How  can I tell? Is there a disadvantage to putting her in a sweater if she doesn't really need it? Also, does she need boots for very cold surfaces if there is no snow or ice?

  • Our doodle Mila,, in Canada too, loves the cold.  It can be 10f and she is lying in the snow  or rolled over with her feet in the air for a long time.  she rolls in the snow and lays there to cool off form a walk,, her paws ge full of ice and snow balls, we do use the rubber boots in really cold snowy weather for her paws but she would would die of over heating with a coat or sweater on  lol

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