How do you Access DK?

I'm moving furniture around DK and as I do so I thought I'd do a quick survey:

1) How do you access DK the most?  Is it via a mobile device or a desktop computer?


2) When you hop on DK, where do you go first?  Do you stop by to see a link from email or do you go to the front page?


3) What is most important to you on the front page?  Latest activity?  The list of latest discussions?  Blogs?  Something else?


Thank you!

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  • 1. Desktop computer

    2. Links from email

    3. Latest activity & latest discussions

    • How many things are you signed up to get notified of?  Just curious.  I don't think the average DK user signs up for much on purpose.

      • I was signed up to get notified of just about everything: all new forum discussions, all discussions I had participated in, anything in any of my groups, and certain people's blogs. But now after the changeover, I have to go back and "follow" each of those things individually, which is a giant pain. I'm sure i'm missing a lot. 

        • At the bottom of the main forum page there's a FOLLOW. Also in the email settings for your page there are various check boxes, but you probably already know about that...

          • I've "followed" the main forum several times, but for some reason, it doesn;t hold.

            • Can you take a screenshot of that section you have clicked on?  

              • LOL, not a chance. Haven't got the slightest idea how to do that or if it's even possible without a smart phone.

                • Yes computers can do it.  There's usually a button on the key board labeled *prnt scrn* or something close to that at the top or in the right hand top corner.  You look at a page, hit Alt & Prnt Scrn at the same time and it takes a picture of all that is your visible on your screen.  You have to paste it somewhere then you can email me.  Paste into that generic windows paint program even.  


                  Sometimes it is Ctr + Prt Scrn or Function + Prnt Scrn

                  • Can you post that in Romanian, too? because that would make as much sense to me. Although I do see that Print Screen button, so I did learn something. 

                    • LOL ... Cu placere!

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