Willow is my funny bunny. She's just such a happy girl. She wakes up every morning just ready to go, and she works at getting dirty like it's her job. She runs and runs and invites her siblings to chase her. She tries to sneak dig a hole if she thinks she can get away with it. Then when we come inside she bounces off the bed, then the couch, then the bed... you get the idea. But then every day at almost exactly 10am she puts herself down for a nap. Usually in an open crate. And she snoozes for 2 hours. I didn't train her to do this, or ask her to - but it's nap time. And then the rest of the day she's more of a normal energy dog. But every morning she's the life of the party. Her sisters love her, even though she spit soaks Maggie and I am forever combing out her ears. She has the sweetest little personality, and she makes me laugh and brings so much joy and energy to the house that I don't know what we did without her. 

How do your dogs make you laugh?

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  • In a million different ways. Jasper is a clown! 
    One way he makes me laugh every day is to cram every chew he owns into his little mouth and parade around showing them off to everyone. He will stand in front of you until you compliment him on this achievement, lol. Occasionally, one of my grandson's dirty socks makes it into the mix, just for a little variety. 

    In this photo, he has a beef ligament, a beef tendon, and a pork roll stuffed in there. Three items is his minimum.

    • Good work Jasper! That's quite the mouthful for such a little guy. I think he needs a ribbon for that. Aren't they just great? I don't know how anyone does life without dogs. 

      I was talking to a doctor at work the other day about that facebook article that says people with dogs live 24% longer, or have a 24% lower chance of dying - I can't remember now. He said he had 2 dogs so would he live 48% longer? I told him I have 3 and he said I might live forever. ;) If laughing is healthy I definitely might.

    • So cute!


    • Jasper take his hunting roots seriously :p

  • Riley is 100% clown.  

    She is sneaky, naughty and barks at silly things like the inflatable halloween decoration we've had on our porch for a week (you'd think she would be used to it by now)...but she is SO good with the kids.  She is a big bruiser of a dog but as sweet and gentle as Luna was, Riley is way better with our young children.  The baby is 9 months old now and is crawling and cruising so him and Riley spend half their day stealing toys (Riley's, she isn't allowed to touch his) back and forth.  The other day they spent a good 20 minutes just stealing this one ball back and forth.  She always takes things from him very gently and doesn't react at all if he takes something from her, she just kinda stares at him as if to say "but that's mine!".  I don't let him bug her if she is resting but they definitely intentionally seek out each other to play now and it's adorable and hilarious.  Our 6 year old also likes to play fetch with her and Riley plays very gently with her too.

    I think her noises crack me up the most though.  She makes these really funny grunty noises all the time, sounds like a mildly annoyed bear.

  • My guys stare at me....really stare....like creepy stares.  It's always when they want something and I"m not reacting...usually they want me to play with them, and often it's when I'm cooking or on the computer.  They will sit and stare or when they're tired they lie down and stare.  They can do it for a really long time...without ever breaking their eye contact, and they do it together...like they made a plan.  It always makes me laugh.

  • My little Zeke insists on non-stop attention.  He makes a whine sound that sounds so pitiful, I call him Wilbur Whiner.  But when that doesn't work, he makes this odd trilling noise.  Remember the dinosaur on Jurassic Park that spit poison?  It sounds like that!  Cracks me up everytime!  :^)

  • Tigger spontaneously lays down, rolls on his back, and bicycles his feet,  I say oh cute Tigger, and then he covers his eyes with his paws uncovers them and returns to bicycling, repeat!  He taught himself this years and years ago.  It mad me laugh and so he repeated it.  He only does it on his own and it still makes me laugh.

  • The way Picco amuses himself cracks me up.  If we can't play he'll play on his own.  He'll grab a ball and one of his blankets and play hide the ball. When the ball is under the cover his tail wags like crazy till he fiinds it again. He can spend an hour or two doing this.  Also he'll play ball with the chair or couch, pushing it under then trying to get it back out himself. When he was a pup he would paw at his kong and watch in roll in a circle!  I knew then he was a smart dog!

  • My Bernedoodle, Max, is a total goofball. I love when he comes running at me when I'm on the couch, jumps beside me, throws his whole fluffy little body against my side, throws his head back and kisses my cheek. Makes me laugh EVERY single time!!!

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