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Cagney is like a clock, when it hits 7am that is it for him.... no more sleeping and everyone must get up.... he will put his cold nose on my face and start nudging then put his whole body weight on me so I can't move... can't breathe ... then I must get up... then he moves on to the next room to pester everyone else... if no one responds to him he barks at them... sleeping in is over as I know it....

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Well, I was just talking to my husband about this yesterday. Some time between 7:00 and 7:30 Mango comes to my side of the bed and puts her front paws up on the bed and stares at me, if this doesn't work she paws at me until I pick her up (the bed is high and she needs a running start from the hallway to make it unless I reach over the side of the bed and pick her up.) She then snuggles in, (it's so endearing) but if my hand is not somewhere on her she pesters me. She snuggles for about 10 min. then rolls over and goes back to sleep. Sometimes if I get up she stays "sleeping in" for another hour. Is she spoiled or what?
We are very very lucky, Lucy will sleep as long as we do. She must have a gigantic bladder. When she was a pup though, she would lick us to death until we got up. I sort of miss that though.
we no longer set our alarm because Harper has taken over as the buzzer. every morning at 7:15 on the dot, she will start growling. she usually growls until about 7:20, and then will let out a big "WWROOF! about 3 inches from Zach's face". we both jump about 2 feet in the air, let out a few profanities from the surprise, and then take her out...

she's such a little brat! :)
SOOOOOOO Funny!! I can relate to that!
If I stay in bed (rare) like today, my doodles stay with me. They are happy to stay there as long as I do. They don't wake me up.
ahh, I too am a lucky person I guess... Charlie Boy will sleep so long sometimes I have to wake him up.. but when he has to go out in the middle of the night (if he is not feeling well) he stands at the edge of the bed and pants.. I am not a light sleeper, I just have 70lb goldendoodle that pants very LOUD when he needs something and always sleeps through the night... :) Bless him!!
My doodle, Mattie, has a built in clock and knows exactly when I do my daily routines--so she will nudge me to keep me on schedule. When my alarm goes off at 6 am, she knows that I push the snooze button and the alarm goes off again at 6:09. Then I finally get up at 6:11 (I teach at a high school) She lays quietly at my feet until exactly 6:11, then starts getting me up. Thankfully, a day with no alarm is different and she will let me sleep until 8:30...yeah!
Luckily our doods no longer wake us up... *phew*! Unless they have to go out in the middle of the night for potty (which is a rare occurrence now!). If they do have to wake up in the middle of the night I'll hear Thule shake her head and body loudly and that's enough to wake me usually...this is followed by furious tail wagging. Or she might give a little 'woof' and face the door.

Rosco typically also will bark in the middle of the night...just one 'woof' or he might 'harumph' once or twice. It's like they both are TRYING to be quiet, but have to say something. Sometimes Rosco will come up to my side of the bed and stare at me while he breathes or 'harumphs!' quietly.

The rest of the time I'm the first one up, the second I get up to leave the room...Rosco hops up and follows me. Shortly after Thule wakes, then Clark and Cass (our senior border collie) tries to sleep in as long as possible.
I'm lucky, I guess. Beckett never wakes me up in the morning. He'll sleep with me until I get up...even if it's late on the weekend. He wasn't like that when he was little. I NEVER thought he'd sleep past 6 or 7 in the morning. But now he's great and I love it! (cause I love to sleep late on the weekends)
NED DOES A HAPPY DANCE ALMOST EVERY MORNING!!!!!!! This is happy only on his side, not ours.Off the bed and on the bed, off the bed and on the bed. Luckily Ned is a small doodle. There is no set time, but when he sees that one of us is stirring, he grabs a toy, jumps up on the bed, chortles and dances all over us, including our heads. We can't actually figure out why he does this and to me it is him trying to be dominant because why else would he get on our heads???? I consulted a trainer about it and he told us it was only an attention getting issue so we try ignoring him - but on our heads!!! At least he waits until he thinks one of us is awake.
Don't you ever just lie there trying not to move so the dog won't know you're up. Sometimes this happens if I'm up before Calla.
Ned does not do his dance if someone gets up during the night to use the bathroom, but as soon as it MIGHT be morning - it's dance time! We have a doggie door so usually it is NOT the dog needing to go out! And Ned is not a big eater so it is not that he is hungry either.



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