• You have found another family like yourself.  My twelve year old son has been riding since he was 5 years old!  While other moms have Soccer Mom decals on their cars, I have a dressage horse and rider!
  • My 13 year old daughter has been riding off and on since she was three!  She loves nothing more then spending a day at the barn.  We don't have horses but we sure are around them a lot! 
  • cool i'm glad i found others like us. My daughter does both hunter jumper and dressage. There is a group for us horse lovers also. The group is called horse loving doodle owners.
    • Cool!  My daughter rides hunter/jumper western pleasure and reining.  She can't decide what she like best so switches every few months. 

  • We have a horse,  a doodle, a wheaton, and 3 kittys. My 17 year old daughter loves her horse Alley and would spend all her time at the barn if she could. We moved Alley to a new barn on Saturday and we're looking forward to Spring even more now!

    Louie, our doodle on the other hand thinks that horses are just big dogs and goes bananas when he sees them from the car. Alley just glances over and ignores him!

    • Annie thinks horses are big dogs to that is so funny. There is now a group for us horse loving doodle owners and it is called horse loving doodle owners!
  • I have 1 horse and 2 goldendoodles.  The horse, Sierra, lives across the street with my sisters horse, 12 alpacas, 5 chickens, and 2 other goldendoodles.  They are all at my mom & dad's house so my dogs don't get out with the horses much.  The horses are more backyard pets these days - life got busy after kids and riding just isn't high on the priority list these days :-(

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