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Hi everyone,

I Baxter is 11 weeks old, large size Goldendoodle. He is growing very quickly, and is 7.9 Kilograms (17.4 pounds - i think) already.

I am wondering if the amount I am feeding him as right. Is it to much, is it no enough.

How much should i be feeding a big 11 week old Goldendoodle ?

All advice welcome!


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Hi Alexandra,
The feeding amounts for any puppy or dog will depend mainly on the calorie content of the food, as well as the puppy or dog's age and size. Every food is different, and the calorie content from one to another can vary by as much as 100 calories per cup. 
Most dog foods will have feeding guidelines printed on the bag. You may need to adjust up or down but it's a good starting point. 

I agree.... my large breed puppy food has a chart for daily servings based on weight and age. Our pup is 4.5 months old so we are still feeding 3 times a day. If it says 3 cups per day, give 1 cup at each of your 3 feedings. Our Beau is a chow hound, he'd never stop eating if you allowed it. 



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