The next Photo Theme will start: Thursday, Jan 12th:  Doodles Getting Their Groom On

Drive By Instructions for DK Veterans (newbies see instructions lower down):

-- up to 1 Photo
-- Theme: Grooming'-- Submit a photo of your doodle getting groomed

-- Photos added on a first come, first serve basis

-- tag: groom1

-- Get your photos tagged by the Wed prior to the slide show at 8pm PST

Instructions for DK Newbies
-- I'm looking for doodle photos that fit the theme "Doodles Getting Their Groom On" -- this means of your doodle getting groomed (brushed, washed, blown dry, etc)
--This photo should NOT have been used before in the same theme.
-- PLEASE find an excellent, clear, well lit, in focus photo or do your best to take one. Given that this is going on our front page, I want quality pics when possible.  So camera phone pics are discouraged, as are poorly lit, out-of-focus, blurry images.
-- You may submit 1 photo maximum--please don't tag more than that.
-- You 'submit' the photo by adding the following key word to the tag line of a photo you've already uploaded to this site. The tag line is NOT the title--it is below the photo. The key word is: groom1 (all lowercase, include number as part of word).
-- Have your photo tagged by Wed at 8pm PST, prior to the show date.

If you don't have a fitting photo uploaded...and don't know how to upload a photo to the site, please visit our FAQ page. -- Pick your NICEST photo that is clear and not blurry or hard to see. If we have more than 100 photos then the first ones to be cut will be the most blurry/out of focus/poor quality camera photo ones.

BACKGROUND INFO FOR NEW MEMBERS... For those of you who are new to Doodle Kisses, I wanted to let you know how the front page slide show works. Every week we have a "Thursday Theme." I usually send out an email on Sunday to announce the theme. Along with the theme announcement I also tell you the key word to use in the tag line of your photo so that I can find it when making the slide show (I'll explain tagging at the end of this post). In addition to the email I send out, I also announce the upcoming slide show theme in a text box above the current slide show...

All YOU have to do is add the proper tag to a photo you already have here on Doodle Kisses...OR...upload a photo (to the main photo page) that fits the theme and add the proper tag You don't send it to me, you don't email it to me, you don't respond to this discussion with an attachment. You just have to upload it to the main photo page and add the key word I announce to the tag section of your photo.

You can view past slide show themes here: Past Slide Shows

Now about tagging. Tagging your photos with appropriate descriptive words (not phrases or sentences) helps our members sort through photos and find photos based on common traits. It also helps search engines find our site and brings in new members! As soon as your photos are uploaded you have an opportunity to add 'tags' in the tag line of your photo. You can also add or delete or change your tags at any time by clicking "Options" listed above your photo and then choosing "Edit Your Tags."

You can click here for a full discussion, but suffice to say that tagging means adding words to the tag line of your photo that describe what is in your photo. For example a photo of a red labradoodle in the pool would read: red labradoodle pool OR red labradoodle swimming OR merely red labradoodle

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  • Remember to pay close attention to the actual tag word. Misspellings will not be found. If it's plural and you use singular, your photo will not be found (and vice versa). If it's lowercase and you use a single capital letter, your photo will not be found. It's never two separate words. It's never a sentence.

    The reason for this is that each photo has to be manually chosen, one at a time. The only way for me to find the photos submitted for a slide show is to search the tags. This is different than the search you do on the photo page. On the photo page any words that match will pop up (titles, comments, etc). Tag searches only search tags and are spelling and case sensitive so anything that is not exactly the tag is not found. Tag searches are also the only way I can make an album for the slide show.

    Another thing that helps me tremendously (but not required) is if the name of your dog is in the title of your photo. This helps me distinguish between doodles so I don't use 5 photos of one doodle and 1 of others.
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