How to use Proviable

i feel rather stupid asking this.  I’m about to order Proviable for the first time.  The Fortiflora I used came in small sealed pouches that I got three servings by sprinkling on top of Dinah’s dinner.

i had expected foil pack for Proviable, but I’m seeing capsules and a paste.  What’s the difference for daily use for a healthy dog?  Would there be a cost savings between the two?

would I save money ordering the large dog size for my miniature and breaking open the capsules to sprinkle onto food....or getting the cat size/small dog size and doing the same?

what has been your experience?

thanks bunches, colleene and Dinah

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  • The paste is Proviable KP, which from my understanding is for more serious cases of bacterial imbalance/chronic diarrhea. It isn't needed for a healthy dog, the Proviable DC (capsules) should be fine.

    I have never personally used it, but I would think that the dosing instructions would be included with the packaging or on the Nutramax website. I think i have heard people here say that they do open and sprinkle the capsules on the food. 

    • I smear peanut butter or yogurt on the proviable and my dogs eat it like a treat, actually my Charlie thinks it IS a treat, just as it is.

  • Unless I'm missing something there isn't a proviable for small dogs. Our box says: Dogs and cats (all sizes) Give 1 capsule daily or as directed by your veterinarian. 

    I just open their mouths and pop the capsule in. I don't see why you couldn't sprinkle it on their food, but that's how we roll. 

    • That's my preference too, but nowadays it seems more and more people have problems giving pills the old fashioned way. Everything is flavored and chewable. Makes it very tough for those whose dogs have digestive diseases and can't have the flavored stuff. 

  • Probiotics really don;t have a size or weight relationship; it's not medication. They are usually one size fits all.  I would not give a product made for exclusively for cats to a dog. 

  • Thanks to all of you who weighed in.  I welcome additional comments as well..  This is very helpful.

  • All 3 of my dogs are on probiotics- 2 on Proviable and 1 on VSL3. There is only one "dose" of Proviable capsules. The paste has some fiber-type stuff in it along with the organisms.

    I used to use the "open the mouth and down the hatch" method, but now I just throw the unopened capsule in with their food. They eat it right up! Chewy has the best prices for it, BTW.

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