• Can you post a photo? 

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      • Well, it is almost impossible to tell what kind of coat they are going have when they are this young. Curls on the head don't mean much; there are open faced doodles who had very curly fur on their heads, ears, and back, and the rest of the coat ended up straight and shedding. If I had to guess, I would say she is going to have a very curly woolly coat, but with mixed breeds, anything is possible. 

        • Thanks for the input. I figured it would be a long shot to take a guess right now. LOL. I cannot wait to go see her. I am hoping to get to see her later this week. If not, maybe next week for my Birthday. LOL. Now I am just trying to pick out a few names that I really like so that once we see her and can tell more about her little personality we can pick her name and they can start calling her by her name so she knows it by the time she comes HOME! : )

    • I haven't decided on a name yet. As we were supposed to go see her this week and my friend that has her came down with something and is running a fever so we can't go til she is better.

      • I'm so sorry you can't meet her yet. Her black color is rich and shiny. 
        Name ideas: Dinah, Ivy, Flory, Noel, Paula, Lilah.  :-)

        • We did get to meet our girl a few weeks ago. We have decided to name her Vayda. She is so cute and so talkative. She goes to the vet this week and then comes home next week.

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